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Working as A Project Manager in The Healthcare Industry Discussion

Working as A Project Manager in The Healthcare Industry Discussion


part 1:based on you post on how you overcome your anxiety about taking online courses and what role you took to problem solve around the obstacles you face. Share with us how you can take this knowledge and use it in your future career as well. Walk us through a potential scenario.

My Post: Problems are the challenges that we encounter in everyday life (Nartiningrum, N., & Nugroho, A. (2020)) such as lack of our needs and wants, unpredictable environment, social problems, and many others. The discussion of this question will be based on a problem related to my education. In my first year while I was doing my ASN, I faced a family situation that led to thoughts of postponing my education for a year. This required me to make a wise decision.

    To begin with, I decided to look for some family adjustments so I was able to remain at school full time. My family moves and I was struggling to manage my daughters schedule with my school and work schedule. This meant that i had to change my work assignments and manage to find a nanny as well as be up to date with school continuous assessments, and examinations. This became so challenging that sometimes it’s was really hard to attend some classes, and had to catch up at night. I had to cut sleep hours because this was the only way that I had to solve this situation. 

    The workload became harder and I was under lot of stress. I only had two choices to make: continue as a full time student and finish the course or take a break and come back later. One pro that I found with the first choice is that I would not spend more years than I should in school, while the con involved the risk of performing poorly in examinations for lack of enough time to study. On the other hand, the second choice had an advantage whereby I could do one thing at a time for better performance. My major concern was that sometimes under stress multitasking may results in poor or average performance(Alghamdi, A., Karpinski, A. C., Lepp, A., & Barkley, J. (2020)). On the other hand, my self-esteem would have gone down for discontinuing my education for a while, which would mean I may not even be able to come back in the future.

   To sum up, I found a great nanny and she help me manage my crazy schedule. I completed my classes and passed my nclex on the first attempt. I feel that the choice that I made was better than quitting school because when I was able to put the stress aside I finally managed a way out of the problems. However, if given a chance there are things that I would do differently. To start with, I would find a part-time job instead of a whole day job. This would ensure that my performance in school and at home will not be affected. Secondly, I would look for better ways to manage stress. 

Part2: give a feedback to this post

Ladisbel post:

Problem: Limited time for studying due to a heavy workload at work

Brainstorm possible choices:

1: Reduce working hours: I could communicate to my employer about reducing my working hours to employ such hours to study.

2: Time Management: I could work on improving my time management skills to distribute my time better to meet deadlines at work and at school.

Choice 1: Reduce working hours.


Additional available time for assignment completion.

Improve grades.


Negative financial impact because of the change in work hours

Possibility of strain relations with my employer

Choice 2: Time Management:


No impact on financials.

Opportunity to develop time management skills that will be beneficial for the future.


Requires strong discipline and commitment to adhere to the planned study schedule.

May require trial and errors to find the most appropriate time management strategies.

Approach to solving the problem: Thinking creatively to solve problems.

To address the problem of limited time for studying, I would approach it with creative thinking by exploring alternative solutions and possibilities. One approach could be to consider a combination of both choices mentioned above. Instead of completely reducing my work hours, I could negotiate with my employer to have a flexible work schedule. This would allow me to adjust my working hours or work remotely on certain days, creating dedicated time slots for studying. By discussing this option with my employer, I can present the potential benefits, such as increased productivity and reduced stress, while also addressing any concerns they may have.

Additionally, I would utilize effective time management techniques to make the most of the available study time. This could include prioritizing tasks, breaking down studying into smaller, manageable chunks, and using productivity tools or techniques to stay focused. By combining these approaches, I can create a customized solution that suits both my career requirements and educational goals, allowing me to effectively manage my time and make progress in both areas.

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