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WMBA 6695 WU Communication Channels and Communicating in a Crisis Report

WMBA 6695 WU Communication Channels and Communicating in a Crisis Report


Part A –


An important component of the communication process is the channel used to send the message. For example, you would not want to deliver lengthy and complicated technical instructions in a face-to-face conversation where the listener does not have the chance to take notes. Choosing the appropriate channel can have a strong impact on both the effectiveness of and response to your message. In this Discussion, you will consider the impact of a communication channel on a message.

To prepare for this Discussion:

  • Consider a time in which the channel chosen for a communication had a significant impact on your participation in and response to the communication. 

Post an evaluation of the impact of communication channels on effective messaging. In your evaluation, do the following:

  • Briefly describe the communication, including the primary message and your role in the communication.
  • Explain the channel chosen for the communication and why this channel was selected. If the reason is unknown, provide your best assumption for why it was selected.
  • Analyze whether this choice of channel was effective and appropriate, supporting your analysis with this week’s Learning Resources.
  • Assess what you would do (or recommend be done) differently in the future regarding channel choice and “noise” elimination in similar situations.

Part B: Due 08/18/23 by 6pm EST



In this module, you will complete a two-part Assignment that is submitted over the course of 2 weeks. This week, you will complete and submit Part 1. You will complete and submit Part 2 in Week 8.

For this Assignment, you are a member of the executive team for a global nonprofit aimed at improving health and reducing child mortality rates in the developing world. Funding for the organization comes primarily from private donors (mainly in the U.S. and Canada) and through foundation grants. You have just learned that a shipment of straw-type personal water filters provided (but not manufactured by) your organization have been found to be defective. These filters are widely distributed by your organization in areas with contaminated water supplies and have proven highly effective at reducing instances of water-borne infections caused by bacteria and parasites. However, reports are coming in of increased illness rates from contaminated water in the areas where this shipment was distributed.

You have been asked, as a member of a quickly convened crisis response team, to outline a crisis communication response plan for the organization with an accompanying rationale (with appropriate academic and professional sources to support your report) that will be reviewed by the CEO, Mary Stevenson. Your communications report should be 7–9 pages in total (4–5 pages for Part 1 and 3–4 pages for Part 2), not including title page, references page, and appendix (with your completed Stakeholder Worksheet).

Submit Part 1 of your communications report in which you address the following in 4–5 pages (excluding references):


  • Identify key guidelines and/or principles to use in responding appropriately to a crisis, including social media considerations.
  • Illustrate steps for Ms. Stevenson to follow in formulating an effective and appropriate crisis message.
  • Choose methods for communicating with both virtual and geographically dispersed teams and stakeholders.


dentifying and Analyzing Stakeholders 

Consider an organization with which you are familiar. Do you know who the stakeholders are within this organization? What about individuals external to the organization who also have an investment or interest in it? By being able to better identify and understand an organization’s stakeholders, you can better ensure that you are taking their needs and interests into consideration. Using these resources, you will examine who stakeholders are and how to perform stakeholder analysis.

Stakeholder Management 

Consider some people whom you know well, such as a spouse, child, close friend, neighbor, parent, in-law, and so on. If you had to deliver some delicate information to those individuals, would you keep the message exactly the same, or would you tailor the message differently for each individual? What if these individuals were in a room together and you had to deliver the message to all of them at the same time? Communicating with stakeholders can be like that room full of individuals. Each stakeholder may have particular interests or assumptions or have a preferred method of receiving information, but it is the responsibility of an organization to communicate in accordance with the organization’s goals and needs as well as in light of stakeholder needs related to access to information. Through these resources, you will explore stakeholder management and communication.

Communicating Effectively 

You may have heard of the phrase “communication is key,” but it might be more accurate to say that effective communication is the real key. Consider a manager who shouts your name across the office to get your attention or emails you 5 minutes before the end of the day to inform you that you have to stay late. They technically communicated with you, but these examples would better describe ineffective communication. By making it a practice to communicate effectively, your objectives will be more easily understood. Using these resources, you will explore effective communication.

Communicating Strategically 

In fiction writing, one of the main purposes of a character’s dialogue is to either drive the story or reveal their character. This is why most novels omit small talk about the weather or characters asking questions such as, “Hello, how is your day today?” In a real-life setting, both personally and professionally, this concept does not completely translate. However, one takeaway could be that the words you say and write can be used strategically—for a specific purpose. So, while there is nothing wrong with asking how someone’s day is going, you can also think about the purpose and intent of a conversation before you begin. Then, you can use a strategic mindset to drive the conversation toward a desired outcome. Through these resources, you will examine strategic communication.

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