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WMBA 6000 WU Leadership For Good Paper

WMBA 6000 WU Leadership For Good Paper


Consider the following scenario:

In recognition of your growth as a leader, you have been given the opportunity to join a professional leadership network. As part of your membership, you must create a unique leadership profile that focuses on your passion and your purpose for leadership, as well as your goals. This is your opportunity to present your leadership reflections and perspectives to others in your network and to create connections that may lead to professional experiences in the future.


Be sure to review the Learning Resources before completing this activity.
Click the weekly resources link to access the resources.

This Assignment is divided into two parts for a total of 8–10 pages. you will complete and submit Part 1 (4–5 pages). You will complete Part 2 (4–5 pages)


To prepare for this Assignment:

  • You should first engage in reflection. Self-reflection is an important skill in business, especially for a leader or an aspiring leader. There are a number of different models of reflection that can be utilized; however, one of the more commonly used models is the 5R Framework for Reflection (Bain, et al., 2002), which focuses on five defined stages of reflection: reporting, responding, relating, reasoning, and reconstructing. Using this framework will enable you to produce a critically engaging reflection based on your experiences. Refer to the following table for more information about the framework:
5R Stages Description Guidelines


A brief descriptive account of the situation/topic

What happened, what the situation/topic is


Your emotional/personal response to the situation/topic

Your observations, feelings, questions about the situation/topic


Personal and theoretical understandings relevant to the situation/topic

Making the connections between the situation/topic and your experience, skills, knowledge, and understanding


Your explanation of the situation/topic

Explaining the situation/topic in terms of the significant factors, relevant theories, and experiences


Drawing conclusions and developing a future actionable plan

Your deeper level of understanding about the situation/topic that is used to reframe or reconstruct your future practice and further develop your understanding of professional practice (application)

The 5R Framework of Self-Reflection
Adapted from: Bain, J. D., Ballantyne, R., Mills, C., & Lester, N. C. (2002). Reflecting on practice: Student teachers’ perspectives. Post Pressed.

Download the Module 3 Assignment Template (Word document) Download Module 3 Assignment Template (Word document). Note: Be sure to keep a copy of your completed Assignment this week, as you will be adding to the same file for your Week 8 Assignment.

  • As you reflect on your learning and experiences so far, consider your strengths, weaknesses, skills, and the knowledge you have gained as a leader and a follower—both in the classroom and beyond. With those thoughts in mind, construct Part 1 of your leadership profile, being sure to incorporate examples of personal experiences as well as citations for relevant academic resources from the classroom, the library, and other appropriate scholarly sources.


Part 1: Perspectives on Leadership/Leadership Values (4–5 pages)

For the first part of your leadership profile, you will describe how you can/will apply positive leadership skills in pursuit of social change, be it in your professional or personal life. Be sure to incorporate the following:

Emotional Intelligence

  • Analyze the importance of the five elements of emotional intelligence in being a strong leader: self-awareness, self-regulation, social skills, empathy, and motivation. Specifically:
    • How do these elements affect the leader-follower relationship?
    • How do they improve a leader’s ability to promote change?

Developing a Diverse and Inclusive Environment

  • Analyze the interdependency of diversity and inclusion.
  • Examine what diversity and inclusion look like in the workplace, as well as the benefits of having/developing a diverse working environment.
  • Summarize how you have worked/will work as a leader to promote diversity and inclusion in your work environment.

  • The Power of Networking
  • Based on your personal and professional experiences, examine the relationship of establishing and maintaining a professional network to your own leadership.
    • How can a strong network benefit both a rising leader and an established leader?
    • How can the use of networks enhance one’s ability to become an agent of positive social change?
    • Part 2: Passion and Purpose for Leadership (4–5 pages)
    • For the second part of your leadership profile, you will share your own “passion and purpose” story, similar to those from Passion and Purpose: Stories From the Best and Brightest Young Business Leaders. Considering your self-reflection, your personal and professional experience, and the other ideas related to leadership that you have explored in your studies so far, address the following:
      • Create a narrative describing your passion and the purpose you see for yourself. Be sure to address the following questions as you construct your narrative:
        • What is most important to you in life?
        • What do you want the focus of your professional life to be?
        • How do you plan to (or currently) incorporate social responsibility and ethical decision making into your life and work?
        • What kind of positive difference do you want to make in the world?
      • Analyze how obtaining your degree at Walden will better equip you to pursue your passion and fulfill your purpose. Be sure to address the following in your analysis:
        • How do your passion and purpose align to Walden’s mission of positive social change?
        • How does Walden’s mission impact your experience as you study here—including the knowledge and skills you will take from this program and how that knowledge and those skills will shape your future and support you to make a positive difference?

        To prepare for this Assignment:

        • Read the “Foreword” (pp. iii–viii) and “Introduction” (pp. 1–10), as well as one or more of the following excerpts to review examples of other business leaders’ stories of “passion and purpose.”
          • Coleman, J., Gulati, D., & Segovia, W. O. (2012). Passion and purpose: Stories from the best and brightest young business leaders. Harvard Business School Publishing.
            • “Interview with David Gergen: Advisor to Four Presidents, Director of Harvard’s Center for Political Leadership, and Senior Political Analyst for CNN,” pp. 47–54
            • “Globalization: Embracing the Global Generation,” pp. 55–60 “People: Leading in a Diverse World,” pp. 99–138
            • “Sustainability: Integrating Preservation and Profits,” pp. 139–170
            • “Learning: Educating Tomorrow’s Leaders,” pp. 197–202
            • “Moving Forward,” pp. 243–245
            • “Capstone Interview With Nitin Nohira: Dean of the Harvard Business School,” pp. 246–253

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