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WMBA 5030 WU Supporting Business Continuity Through IT Presentation

WMBA 5030 WU Supporting Business Continuity Through IT Presentation


Prepare a presentation on risk control strategies for business continuity and disaster recovery. In addition to the slide content, you should also include text in the speaker notes section of each slide that would serve as the script you would use to deliver this presentation to a group of people.

To prepare for this Assignment:

Read and review the following case studies:

Hui, K. L., Huang, M., Ke, P. F., & Lai, A. (2016). PopVote: Assessing the risk of DDoS (A). Thompson Center for Business Case Studies.

Hui, K. L., Huang, M., Ke, P. F., & Lai, A. (2016). PopVote: Assessing the risk of DDoS(B). Thompson Center for Business Case Studies.

Review, as needed, the following resource, which includes links to helpful information about using Microsoft PowerPoint:

Walden University Academic Skills Center (n.d.). Microsoft PowerPointLinks to an external site..…

Return to the same presentation template you utilized in Week 5. With the research and readings from Weeks 5 and 6 in mind, incorporate any feedback as needed into your presentation as you complete Part 2.

Submit Part 2 of your presentation and script. Be sure you are fully addressing the following:

Part 2: Risk Control Strategies for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Explain, in general terms, what business continuity planning is and what is the role of IT in business continuity planning and management.

Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of outsourcing risk control and business continuity management to a cloud service provider. 

Identify three risk control options and assess the strengths and weaknesses of each.

Choose the best-fit risk control strategy for ensuring business continuity as well as disaster recovery, data privacy, and ethics. 


Understanding Business Continuity

Many businesses can come to a complete stop for a lack of business continuity planning. But what is business continuity and how can businesses ensure they have what they need to support it? Essentially, it is having a proven Plan B in case some type of crisis or other unforeseen event occurs that threatens to take down critical systems and processes. In some cases, even having a Plan C in place allows a business to carry on if its daily business activities are interrupted by an IT crisis.

Ready.Gov. (2020, October 28). Business continuity planLinks to an external site..

International Organization for Standardization. (2019). ISO 22301:2019: Security and resilience: Business continuity management systems: RequirementsLinks to an external site..…

Kenton, W. (2020, July 24). Business continuity planning (BCP)Links to an external site.. Investopedia.…

Phelps, R. (2018). The true value and return on investment of business continuityLinks to an external site.. Journal of Business Continuity & Emergency Planning, 11(3), 216–222.

Business Continuity Plans and IT 

What should be considered in business continuity planning? Should business continuity plans include how to handle a system outage due to hardware, software, and network failures? In these resources, you will examine the information technology department’s role in business continuity planning. You will also explore what is required to ensure the business continuity plan can be executed in a time of need. 

Aziz, N. M. A. A., & Jambari, D. I. (2019). Information management procedures for business continuity plan maintenanceLinks to an external site.. 2019 International Conference on Electrical Engineering and Informatics (ICEEI), 489–495.

Biddinger, N. (2007, December). The information technology role in disaster recovery and business continuityLinks to an external site.. Government Finance Review, 23(6), 54–56.

IBM Services. (2020, November 25). Adapt and respond to risks with a business continuity plan (BCP)Links to an external site..…

Business Continuity Strategies for Disaster Recovery, Data Privacy, and Ethics 

Although it is usually standard practice for firms to have a business continuity plan in place and tested before launching a critical business information system, it is essential to remember that the same plan will not fit every organization. Aspects of one organization’s plan may be irrelevant to another organization. Therefore, it is critical to create business continuity strategies that are not only tailored to an individual organization, but versatile enough to prepare for multiple scenarios. Through these resources, you will explore business continuity strategies and how organizations plan for disaster recovery due to data breaches, unethical hacking, and natural disasters.

Attainium Corp. (2017, May 10). Legal and ethical issues and business continuityLinks to an external site..…

Ekekwe, N. (2011, April 22). Rethink your business continuity strategy. Harvard Business Review Digital Articles, 2–3.

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Phillips, R., & Tanner, B. (2019). Breaking down silos between business continuity and cyber securityLinks to an external site.. Journal of Business Continuity & Emergency Planning, 12(3), 224–232.

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