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WCU Fibromyalgia and Pancreatitis Discussion

WCU Fibromyalgia and Pancreatitis Discussion


1. Initial Response: FIBROMYALGIA 

  • How does this topic relate to something you might see in clinical practice?
  • Which ideas make the most sense and why?
  • How does this topic to current events?
  • What might make this problem more treatable?

2. Peer Response: PANCREATITIS 

  • How does this topic relate to something you might see in clinical practice?
  • How does this topic relate to your presentation
  • Which ideas make the most sense and why?
  • How does this topic relate to current events?
  • What might make this problem more treatable?

Use atleast one scholarly source for Initial and Peer response

Below is what my peer wrote. please use this to respond to the peer response

Chosen Topic: Define & describe the pathophysiology of pancreatitis. Include clinical manifestations, evaluation and treatment 

How does this topic relate to something you might see in clinical practice?

The topic of pancreatitis might be seen in clinical practices that include acute care settings, such as urgent care clinics, primary care offices and in severe cases they may be seen in acute care hospitals. From my clinical practice I have had cases where patients were presenting with pancreatitis symptoms and was part of the evaluation and treatment process for the patients. When caring for these patients some of the presenting clinical manifestations that were evident and associated with pancreatitis. These clinical manifestations that were presented in the cases that correlated with pancreatitis included severe abdominal pain, rapid pulse, and abdominal swelling and tenderness (Gapp, J., & Tariq, 2023). Pancreatitis can be either chronic or acute depending on the pathophysiology that each individual presents with. This topic may relate to something that I may see in clinical practice because some of the pathophysiology in pancreatitis includes gallstones that obstruct the pancreatic duct (Gapp, J., & Tariq, 2023). With further evaluation for individuals presenting with clinical manifestation, pancreatitis can be something that can be seen in clinical practice. 

Which ideas make the most sense and why?

The plan of treatment depending on the pathophysiology of pancreatitis makes the most sense. This is because knowing the cause of pancreatitis leads to the appropriate treatment plan. For instance, if the root cause of pancreatitis in a patient is gallstones then it makes most sense that the removal of the gallstones, a cholecystectomy, will reverse the pancreatitis (Mohy-Ud-Din, N., & Morrissey, S., 2022). In other words, the treatment options are what make the most sense because they correlate with the pathophysiology of pancreatitis. 

How does this topic relate to current events?

Pancreatitis can be related to a current event that has been a constant battle with COVID-19. In an article from the National Library of Medicine it targets that COVID-19 has the potential to cause an infection in the gland that can cause acute pancreatitis (Balthazar, J. A., & Chehter, E. Z., 2022). This topic relates to a current event of COVID because there has been new research done that correlates COVID being capable of causing acute pancreatitis. In recent current events there was a study performed in 23 studies in which 12 of them concluded that there is a relation between COVID an the pancreas that leads to acute pancreatitis (Balthazar, J. A., & Chehter, E. Z., 2022). 

What might make this problem more treatable?

This problem can be more treatable if it is evaluated and diagnosed in a timely manner. Oftentimes patients wait until they can no longer tolerate the pain, which by then the severity of pancreatitis can become dangerous if it is not treated promptly. Furthermore, pancreatitis can be misdiagnosed due to the many evaluations that would need to be done in order to figure out the cause of the symptoms. Evaluating and assessing patients can make this problem more treatable because it would guide providers to the cause of pancreatitis that would lead to proper treatment needed. The evaluation and assessment process includes looking at the patient, assessing pain location, identifying the abnormal lab values and evaluating the proper images (Mohy-Ud-Din, N., & Morrissey, S., 2022).


Balthazar, J. A., & Chehter, E. Z. (2022). Acute pancreatitis and covid-19: A new target for infection? Einstein (São Paulo), 20.… 

Gapp, J., Tariq, A., & Chandra, S. (2023). National Center for Biotechnology Information. National Library of Medicine . 

Mohy-Ud-Din, N., & Morrissey, S. (2022). Pancreatitis – statpearls – NCBI bookshelf. National Library of Medicine .

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