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WCU Cultures and Conflict in the United States Reflection

WCU Cultures and Conflict in the United States Reflection


In this assignment, you will explore the complex relationship between cultures and conflict in the United States. You will critically reflect on the diverse cultural landscape of the country and examine how conflicts have shaped and influenced various communities. Additionally, you will analyze the resilience of these cultures in the face of adversity and explore the ways in which they have contributed to the nation’s identity. This assignment aims to develop your understanding of cultural diversity, conflict resolution, and the social fabric of the United States.

Task 1: Select a Cultural Community Choose a specific cultural community or subculture in the United States that you find interesting or would like to learn more about. Examples may include African Americans, Native Americans, Hispanic/Latinx, Asian Americans, LGBTQ+ communities, or any other group with a distinct cultural identity.

Task 2: Research and Analysis

  1. Conduct research on the historical background, traditions, values, and contributions of the chosen cultural community. Explore the challenges, conflicts, and injustices they have faced throughout history.
  2. Analyze significant historical events or conflicts that have affected the cultural community. Consider both internal conflicts within the community and external conflicts with other groups or institutions.
  3. Reflect on how the cultural community has preserved its identity and traditions despite these conflicts. Examine the strategies, movements, or influential figures that have contributed to their resilience.

Task 3: Personal Reflection Write a reflective essay addressing the following points:

  1. Describe your initial impressions and understanding of the cultural community you selected. What motivated your interest in this group?
  2. Summarize the conflicts and challenges the community has faced historically. Analyze the root causes of these conflicts and their impact on the community’s development.
  3. Discuss the cultural community’s response to these conflicts and how they have maintained their cultural identity. Reflect on the strategies, movements, or practices that have helped them overcome adversity.
  4. Reflect on your own cultural background and experiences. How does your exploration of this cultural community broaden your understanding of diversity and conflict in the United States? Has it challenged any preconceived notions or biases you may have held?
  5. Consider the broader implications of cultural diversity and conflict resolution in the United States. How can society benefit from embracing and celebrating diverse cultures while minimizing conflicts?

Task 4: Conclusion and Recommendations Provide a concise conclusion summarizing your key findings and insights from the research and personal reflection. Additionally, propose recommendations on how individuals and society can foster a more inclusive and harmonious environment that values diverse cultures and promotes conflict resolution.

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