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USC Arthritis and Rhabdomyolysis Discussion

USC Arthritis and Rhabdomyolysis Discussion


MY TOPIC: Distinguish between osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis and gouty arthritis. What are the differences between them in pathophysiology, manifestation, and treatment.

1. Initial Response: Consider what you’ve learned about the topic you presented.

  • How does this topic relate to something you might see in clinical practice?
  • Which ideas make the most sense and why?
  • How does this topic to current events?
  • What might make this problem more treatable?

PEER TOPIC: Rhabdomyolysis

2. Peer Response: Answer the questions below about one of your classmate’s presentations.

  • How does this topic relate to something you might see in clinical practice?
  • How does this topic relate to your presentation
  • Which ideas make the most sense and why?
  • How does this topic relate to current events?
  • What might make this problem more treatable?


  • How does this topic relate to something you might see in clinical practice?
    • Rhabdomyolysis relates to my clinical practice working in the emergency department due to the types of patients we can encounter with muscle trauma, muscle ischemia, exercise related injuries and more. As mentioned in my presentation, working in the emergency medicine setting, I have encountered multiple patients of all age groups diagnosed with rhabdomyolysis. In the pediatric side, I encountered a patient last year who had been working out outside in the summer heat preparing for football season. He was feeling fatigued for two days but kept working out in the heat. His mom caught wind of his activities and brought him into the ER to de evaluated for heat illness. His urine was a dark almost cola colored, and CK levels were extremely high. We ended up starting aggressive fluid rehydration and transferred him out to a children’s hospital since my facility does not have a pediatric unit. More commonly I encounter elderly adults who fall, can not get up and when police do a wellness check, the patient has been on the ground for an unknown period of time and are usually diagnosed with Rhabdomyolysis, acute kidney injury and sepsis. It is important for all to know about Rhabdomyolysis and be aware of the complications and treatments to best take care of the patient.
  • Which ideas make most sense and why?
    • For my presentation on Rhabdomyolysis, the ideas that make most sense some with understanding the pathophysiology and utilizing multidisciplinary approaches to best treat the patient. Needing disciplines such as laboratory/microbiology, nephrology, radiology, physical therapy and internal medicine. By utilizing a variety of disciplines, the underlying primary condition can be treated, and the patient can ultimately get the care they need to be strong enough to go home.
  • How does this topic to current events?
    • Rhabdomyolysis currently is not a widely current event topic. However, in cases of trauma such as a natural disaster, mass casualty, trauma related Rhabdomyolysis cases can increase. Another current example would be the amount of people starting to exercise to lose weight gained during COVID. With people excessively exercising, mild Rhabdomyolysis cases have the potential to occur.
  • What might make this problem more treatable?
    • Ways that can make Rhabdomyolysis more treatable include, education, research, and multidisciplinary care. By educating not only healthcare workers but the public especially elderly and athletes of the risk and complications can help them seek medical attention. The faster patients seek medical attention the earlier Rhabdomyolysis is recognized and treatment can occur. Lastly, by working with multiple medical professionals, care becomes more coordinated and leads to better outcomes in patients.

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