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UMGC eRecruiting Benefits Issues and Concerns Discussion

UMGC eRecruiting Benefits Issues and Concerns Discussion


Based on our reading material, what are the two most interesting benefits that you learned about e-Recruiting?

What are some of the important organizational issues and technology considerations relating to e-Selection?

  • Also, what are the potential unintended or dysfunctional consequences of e-Recruiting and e-Selection? 
  • In responding to the second question,  you can use the APUS on-line library, or complete an Internet search for a case or research paper that discusses problems with e-recruiting and e-selection.  Make sure that the material relates to our reading material. What did the material say, how does it relate to our reading material. Post a link to the material in your response to this discussion question.

Here are the student responses:

Student 1(Angela)

Good Evening Class,

This week we must answer the below questions about e-Recruiting and e-Selection.

Based on our reading material, what are the two most interesting benefits that you learned about e-Recruiting? In my opinion, I would say that the video interviews would be a great benefit. Considering you could do it from anywhere. You wouldn’t need to go to the office to conduct the interview. Another benefit would be that the employer could track the whole process of the employee’s recruitment.

What are some of the important organizational issues and technology considerations relating to e-Selection? The whole process of recruitment is not fully complete without some work done by the HR department; which would include the decision making of the most qualified candidate and the required paperwork. Some of the important issues with the e-selection is the possibility of a qualified applicant being overlooked for a position.

Also, what are the potential unintended or dysfunctional consequences of e-Recruiting and e-Selection? The possibility of an applicant being overlooked for a job, or they don’t have access to the internet prevents them from having the opportunity to fill the job vacancy. To prevent that, some employees can advertise their job openings in other ways. Potential applicants can deceive the system while taking the assessments online.

I think that having the capabilities to apply online is awesome, but I have run into situations where the application process was difficult and confusing. Companies need to make the process user friendly for everyone. For example, my husband is an older man and not very familiar with the internet. He tried to apply for a government job. It was so difficult to apply that he gave up. He would have been a great candidate for the job, but he couldn’t manage the application process.

Student 2(Carole)

Good evening classmates,

What I found interesting about this week in regards to e-recruiting are that it helps expedite hiring while bringing down the cost, and it widens the talent pool for prospective employees. However, this process is not without it’s pitfalls and there are many issues that organizations need to look out for on both the human resources side and technology side. With e-recruiting, there are many ways that companies post jobs with regard to online tests, and using KSAs. KSAs stands for Knowledge, Skills and Abilities, and is a list of special qualifications and personal attributes that you need to have for a particular job. These are the unique requirements that the hiring agency wants to find in the person selected to fill a job. This is how they narrow their selection pool. There can be issues with doing this because it could narrow the candidate pool or fill it up so much that the company is not sure how to deal with all of the applicants.

Companies need to be careful as well with the language they incorporate in the job ads. Discriminatory laws can apply to e-selection and recruiting if the language used discriminates against any group of people. On the companies part, this could be completely innocent, but it is one of the dysfunctions of e-recruiting and selection. This type of recruiting is also very impersonal, and some individuals may not like this because it feels cold. The same can be said for online or video interviews. They are time saving for both parties, but again, some candidates may be uncomfortable with this type of interview. Technology has moved things in a way that is faster and more efficient, but not always “human”.


LeeAn Nordick 

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