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UL Biology The Osmosis Process & Fostering Water Migration Question

UL Biology The Osmosis Process & Fostering Water Migration Question

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I’m working on a biology discussion question and need guidance to help me learn.


  • Length: A minimum 250 words, not including references or attachments
  • Citations: At least one high-level scholarly reference in APA from within the last 5 years
  • Compare Prescribing Privileges in California

Prescribing Privileges for Advance Practice Registered Nurse 

The link to state of New Jersey requirement for completion of the pharmacology course

State Requirements and Scope of Practice for APRN’s In of New Jersey

New Jersey’s APRNs must meet the following requirements and have the following scope of practice, as outlined by the state:

Licensure and Certification

  1. Education: APRNs must earn a master’s degree or above in an area of advanced practice nursing. The New Jersey Board of Nursing requires that the program’s curriculum be approved and up to par.
  2. National Certification: All advanced practice registered nurses are expected to earn national certification from a recognized organization. Certification guarantees familiarity with and skill in a given profession.
  3. State Certification: New Jersey also mandates that APRNs obtain state certification from the state’s Board of Nursing in addition to their national certification. Whether you’re an NP, CNS, CNM, or CRNA, you’ll need this qualification to practice.

Scope of Practice

Education, national certification, and rules established by the New Jersey Board of Nursing all contribute to the scope of practice for APRNs in that state. In most cases, APRNs are able to:

  • Do checkups and other health evaluations as needed.
  • Identify health problems and provide care for them.
  • Perform diagnostic testing and provide results.
  • Create and carry out therapeutic strategies.
  • Medications available only with a doctor’s prescription, including controlled substances (as per state law).
  • Give advice and instruction to your patients.
  • It’s important for medical experts to work together.
  • Refer patients to appropriate specialists.

Collaborative Practice and Prescriptive Authority

In New Jersey, APRNs are generally required to work in teams. This means that APRNs work together with MDs and other MDs in the areas of diagnosis, treatment planning, and drug prescription. Depending on the responsibilities of the APRN and the nature of the clinic, the level of collaboration may be minimal or extensive.

Prescriptive Authority: Prescriptions written by APRNs are legal in New Jersey. However, the type of APRN and state legislation can affect the APRN’s capacity to prescribe prohibited medications and the APRN’s level of autonomy in prescribing.

Continuing Education and Renewal

In New Jersey, advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) must keep up with continuing education to keep their RN license active. To keep up with the ever-changing healthcare industry, professionals in this field must regularly participate in continuing education.

Obtaining an NPI Number

All healthcare professionals, including APRNs, are required to have a unique identifier known as a National Provider Identifier (NPI). Here’s what you need to do to get an NPI number:

  1. Access the NPI Enumerator Website: Visit the National Plan and Provider Enumeration System (NPPES) website at
  2. Create an Account: You will need to sign up for an NPPES account if you haven’t already done so.
  3. Complete the Application: Apply for an NPI online by logging into your NPPES account. Give as much information as possible, including your name, address, phone number, email, and specialty as an APRN.
  4. Submit the Application: Check for errors before sending in your application.
  5. Receive NPI Number: Your NPI will be sent to you through email or conventional mail after your application has been processed.

CEU Requirements for APRN Certification Renewal

New Jersey requires advanced practice registered nurses to renew their licenses every two years by completing 30 contact hours of CPD. These contact hours are only valid for the duration of the current renewal cycle. The applicant’s advanced practice category’s scope of practice will determine the nature and focus of the required 30 contact hours of ongoing professional development (Brust-Sisti et al., 2023). This makes certain that the coursework is relevant to the APRN’s area of expertise and clinical duties.Every New Jersey APRN who wants to renew their license every two years must take a course on the dangers of opioid prescriptions for at least one contact hour (Carthon et al., 2017). This training should include discussion of pain management strategies other than opioids, as well as the dangers and warning indications of opioid addiction, abuse, and diversion. The attempts to combat the opioid epidemic and encourage responsible prescribing practices are reflected in this mandate.

Information Required on Prescription Pad for Controlled Substances

Certain information must be included on controlled substance prescriptions in New Jersey. In most cases, this involves:

  • Prescription date 
  • Patient’s name and address 
  • Doctor’s full name, address, and DEA number (if applicable)
  • The drug’s name, dosage form, and quantity 
  • Detailed usage instructions 
  • The total number of refills permitted (if any)
  • Indications
  • Doctor’s signature

Considerations for Prescribing (Non-Controlled Substances) in Telemedicine

When prescribing non-controlled substances through telemedicine, there are several considerations:

  • State Regulations: The rules governing telemedicine in one state may differ from those in another.
  • Patient Evaluation: Determine the best course of treatment by carefully analyzing the patient’s medical background, current symptoms, and current state.
  • Informed Consent: Convey to the patient the nature of the visit and the constraints of remote care to obtain informed consent for telemedicine services.
  • Technology: Communicate and share information using safe, HIPAA-compliant channels.
  • Prescription Delivery: Make it clear to patients how they can get their prescriptions filled and make sure the meds they need are readily available.
  • Follow-up: Establish a means of contact and follow-up in case the patient’s condition worsens or additional care is required.
  • Documentation: Carefully record all aspects of the telemedicine consultation, from patient history and assessment to planned care and any prescribed medications.


Brust-Sisti, L. A., Armanious, M. E., Ohlinger, K., Patel, J., Lodhia, T., Sturgill, M. G., & Volino, L. R. (2023). New Jersey Pharmacists’ Perceptions on Performing COVID-19 Testing in Community Pharmacy Practice Sites. Journal of Pharmacy Practice, 36(4), 853-860.

Carthon, J. M. B., Sammarco, T., Pancir, D., Chittams, J., & Nicely, K. W. (2017). Growth in retail-based clinics after nurse practitioner scope of practice reform. Nursing outlook, 65(2), 195-201.


Nppes. (n.d.).

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