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UCLA Impact of Social History of Iranian Cinema Essay

UCLA Impact of Social History of Iranian Cinema Essay


Read the articles (1-3) and watch the documentary films for an Essay Assignment

Each analytical essay should be 800-1000 words and may develop and focus on a particular technical and cultural theme. 

As you are watching the film and making notes, find a topic that interests you, then research and read about the history and origin of that issue (who, what, when, where, why…), and learn something beyond what the film has offered, beyond what the society, tradition, media, and parents have told you. Teach us what you have learned. For instance, do not make general statements; do not say, “Religion says that women have to…, it is the culture…”; find out where, who, when, and why it says that.

·        Essay writing starts with an idea, an understanding of a subject; it is not about sharing your personal opinion. It is about what your scholarly research is showing/teaching us about your initial account of that subject.

this one-article response essay is your first analytical essay based on your understanding of the above-assigned articles and documentary films.

In your deliberate or cursory review of these articles, consider what interests you and incorporate it into your essay. Please tell us what your understanding is.Please Read and Follow the Instructions Step by Step:

In this course, you write several short (800-1000 words) analytical response essays based on the readings and films. You express your “critical” opinion about specific issues or concepts in each piece based on your careful “educated analysis.” 

Please note that it is necessary to research basic background information beyond the assigned reading to discuss the subjects and ideas presented in your essay. I will base your grade on how well you apply your “educated” analysis, not personal opinion, to the films.  

Topics examined include but are not limited to media and censorship, politics, culture, tradition, disparities, religion and faith, morality, ethics, dilemmas, gender and gender relation,  sexuality, women, the role of children, language usage, ethnicity, social classifications, human rights, oppressions, ethnic and religious minorities, and many more themes from the films.

Have you written a response essay before? If not, then:

  • This is the Reader’s response, your response, to what you have read/watched and experienced in reading an article or watching a film, how you have connected to the subjects and concepts—your understanding and your research findings beyond the class readings and videos to learn more and to clarify ambiguities.

There are specific steps to a response paper that differ from other forms of writing:

  • Plan and organize!

        What you are doing in a response paper is briefly outlining what the author/director/writer has tried to highlight and how and why you have reacted. 

Your reaction to a theme is followed up with your research study.  

        Ultimately, your learning is on a particular concept, belief, behavior, character, and policy related to the abovementioned topics.

        Evaluate your reaction. What do you think about what you read/watched? Do you fully understand the subject? 

        Use the compare method if needed.

        Back up your claims/understandings and provide references.

Claims/understandings are not personal likes and dislikes but “educated opinions” based on authoritative sources and “not your personal opinions.”

        Edit and proof your final typed paper.

        Your typed essay paper format is like a miniature article that follows a proper margin font, with name, title, date, course information on the top, and so forth. You may choose any primary formatting method, MLA, Chicago….

        + You upload your paper in PDF, labeled with your Last Name and Film/Essay Title (example: Ara-first essay-one article, or Ara-first film-Persepolis). (10 points)

If needed, Writing Tutorial services: to an external site.

Response Essay Samples & Guides (applicable to literature & film):…Links to an external site.…Links to an external site. to an external site.

 Must watch – Documentary Films

Iran: A Cinematographic Revolution: to an external site.

What is New Iranian Cinema? to an external site.

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