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UAB Combinatorial Coverage with Constraints Computer Science Essay & Presentation

UAB Combinatorial Coverage with Constraints Computer Science Essay & Presentation


Number 1

Question 1: Integrating LAN Configuration and WAN Services


a) Given a hypothetical business scenario (e.g., a multinational corporation with multiple branch offices), design a network topology that integrates LAN configurations for each branch office and WAN services to connect all offices. Justify your topology design based on scalability, performance, and cost considerations.

b) Identify and explain the specific WAN service (e.g., Frame Relay, ATM, MPLS, Wide Area Ethernet) suitable for each branch office connection, taking into account their individual needs and data transfer requirements.

Question 2: Maximizing Guided and Wireless Transmission Media


a) Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of using guided transmission media (e.g., optical fiber, coaxial cable) and wireless transmission media (e.g., Wi-Fi, cellular networks) in a LAN-WAN integrated network.

b) Propose a plan to maximize the utilization of both guided and wireless transmission media for seamless communication between LANs and WANs, considering reliability, security, and bandwidth requirements.


The assignment will be assessed based on the following criteria:

1. Logical and efficient network topology design with justifications provided for Question 1.

2. Thorough analysis and proposed plan for maximizing guided and wireless transmission media for Question 2.

3. Demonstrated understanding of LAN-WAN integration concepts and technologies.

4. Integration of relevant research and industry best practices to support arguments and findings.

Note: Students are encouraged to use any diagramming tool of their choice (e.g., Microsoft Visio, Lucidchart) to create the network topology diagram. Additionally, all sources should be cited appropriately using the required citation style.

Format and Guidelines:

The essay should be concise and within the 1000-word limit.

Use a clear and logical structure, including brief headings for each part.

Ensure proper citation and referencing of any sources used.

Demonstrate critical thinking by providing relevant examples and supporting evidence.

Use academic writing style and language appropriate for a graduate-level assignment.

Submission: Submit your essay as a Word document 

*Failure to include a cover page with the exact formatting used in the assignment policy and/or reference page will result in a 10-point deduction*

Your assignment submission will be turned into Turnitin. Turnitin does verify the use of AI-generated material, and this will be considered plagiarism.

Number 2

Do you see any real-world applicability for Combinatorial coverage?  And can you think of “constraints” that make it even more real-world?

Number 3

The Group Project involves creating a Powerpoint Presentation on a topic related to System Test and Verification, any topic presented in this course such as  Agile, Graphing, Prime Paths, Hand-Tracing code fragments, Test-Driven Development, famous disasters attributed to  insufficient testing, etc etc.   This PPT should be at about 10 pages long and will include:

Title page with the Topic and the names of the team members

about 8-12 pages of PPT material

diagrams where appropriate

Summary page

You will be assigned to work with another member of the class on this project by week 4.  The name and WUST email address of your partner will be published. The two of you will collaborate to select the topic you wish to present to the class.  I recommend you get the Teacher’s approval on the topic (by phonecall or by email).  The idea here is to avoid a situation where 6 teams all report on the same topic (such as Agile – which has happened in the past).

If you ignore the team assignments the teacher made and instead, work with someone else without the teacher’s permission, you risk a failing grade on this assignment.

One of you will upload the final PPT (with both names on the title page) by the due date in Week 10.  The two of you will present your PPT as follows:

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