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TC Business and Culture Differences and Impact Discussion

TC Business and Culture Differences and Impact Discussion


Most of us have heard or read about differences in other countries and cultures. Many of our classmates may be from other countries and cultures. Discuss some of these differences and how they affect business.

Post an initial 200-word response and at least two responses to other students‘ postings. The student postings need to be like adding to the conversation and elaborate. 

student 1 ashley:

Doing business in Hong Kong is different than doing business in China. Since Hong Kong was a British colony for about 100 years, they have a unique culture. Although many citizens are of Chinese ethnicity and speak Chinese, some citizens do not consider their nationality to be Chinese. Hong Kong citizens often use their English name as their legal name, not their Chinese name. They have been largely influenced by capitalism and are relatively clean from corruption (Cultural Atlas Editors, 2016). Hong Kong Politics are completely different from Chinese politics. They enjoy free markets and fight against censorship and oppressive laws. Another difference is language. Hong Kong citizens use British terms such as “biscuits” to describe what American’s call “cookies” and “flats” instead of “apartments”. Doing business in Hong Kong would not just be a blend of British and Chinese culture but implies that one must learn the unique culture of Hong Kong. Not knowing this distinction may make doing business challenging. A consultant flying to Hong Kong may mistakenly learn Mandarin and Chinese pleasantries with the intention of preparing for a cross-cultural meeting, not realizing that Hong Kong citizens speak Cantonese, do not participate in the same traditions or social norms, and have their own style of doing business. For example, gifts are not exchanged regularly in Hong Kong, unlike in Mainland China (Cultural Atlas Editors, 2016). However, across Asia, it is considered rude to accept someone else’s business card with only one hand. Both Mainland China and Hong Kong do this as well as drink excessively with the other parties or companies to build comradery. Not doing so will mean that the deal is off.

Cultural Atlas Editors. (2016). Hong Kong culture – business culture. Cultural Atlas.… 

student 2 robert:

Businesses are confronted with the complicated dance of cultural diversity in an increasingly interconnected globe. Coming from diverse countries and cultures can greatly impact the landscape of corporate operations (Lozano & Escrich, 2017). Cold Stone Creamery, a corporation deeply committed to embracing diversity and inclusion, exemplifies how cultural differences may be used to boost business strategies.

Cold Stone Creamery’s diversity policy demonstrates its commitment. They promote equitable job opportunities while recognizing a range of protected categories such as race, religion, sexual orientation, and others (Cold Stone Creamery, 2023). This policy applies to all aspects of employment, including hiring and compensation. Cold Stone Creamery cultivates a diverse workforce that, in turn, increases creativity and innovation by creating a work environment that fosters employee engagement and commitment. While the company’s dedication to diversity is unshakable, according to Comparably (2023), its diversity score places them in the bottom 40% of similarly sized organizations. This suggests a growth opportunity in which they are actively implementing tactics to climb higher in the diversity index.

Cold Stone Creamery adopts a diversified strategy in its pursuit of a more inclusive future. This includes keeping a demographically diverse employment base and engaging internally and outside to achieve varied representation. Furthermore, the corporation uses its internal resources to create business possibilities with a variety of vendors, thereby increasing supplier diversity in both growing and established markets (Cold Stone Creamery, 2023). Cold Stone Creamery provides thorough diversity training and experiential learning to staff and franchisees to ensure the effectiveness of these efforts.

Finally, the interaction of diverse countries and cultures undeniably impacts corporate operations. The strategy of Cold Stone Creamery demonstrates how this issue might be turned into an advantage. Cold Stone Creamery demonstrates that businesses can navigate the complexities of cultural differences and emerge stronger, more innovative, and better equipped to succeed on the global stage through their unwavering commitment to diversity and inclusion, as well as a strategic framework that addresses areas of growth.


Cold Stone Creamy. (2023). Our commitment and core values. Kahal franchising L.L.C.

Comparably. (2023). Diversity at Cold Stone Creamy. Comparably.

Lozano, J. F., & Escrich, T. (2017). Cultural diversity in business: A critical reflection on the ideology of tolerance. Journal of Business Ethics, 142, 679-696. 

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