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SU Gender Bias in K12 Hiring Project

SU Gender Bias in K12 Hiring Project


This is a two part assignement. A 8-10 page paper AND a PPT presentation. Please provide both when you submit. This 8-10 page paper will address the lack of inclusive world wide policy in inclusive gender staff hiring in world wide K-12 schools. You will do so by following the below sections. 

Introduction and Motivation

  • What is the policy you are redesigning, and why is behavioral economics an appropriate tool to study it?
    • You are redesigning the lack of inclusive world wide policy in inclusive gender staff hiring in world wide K-12 schools. For that you need to explain what the current policy is as well as why behavioral economics is an appropriate tool to study it? 
  • Why is this an important area to study? What is “wrong” with the current policy? (For this you need to speak to what the current policy is)
  • What have previous attempts to “fix” the policy looked like, and why have they failed? (You can speak to nations trying to boost either male or female staff members but failing to also take into account their qualifications, peoples skills, disciplinary outlook, race, etc. 

Literature Review (35 points)

  • Review and include quotes from the required readings ( you find that below) and explain their implications on the topic.
  • Include at least ten additional peer-reviewed articles on the topic area and the use of Behavioral Economic theories on that topic (including the current state of applying Behavioral economic theories on this topic).  These articles may come from your Annotated Bibliography (attached).

Redesign Overview (90 points)

  • Using your behavioral diagnosis, what Key Behavior did you select to address this policy reform? 
    • The key behavior is addressing and mitigating biases in world wide K-12 hiring practices. For example, some schools automatically hire women as opposed to men because teaching K-12 is viewed as a women’s profession. 
  • What barriers did you identify?
    • This is where you identify all of the biases and everything that is wrong with how world wide schools go about hiring staff, with a special emphasis on gender. 
  • Walk through your redesign. Discuss each component and the behavioral interventions you would use. 
    • Discuss how you will tackle all the barriers you identified–> what would those solutions be? 
  • How will you measure if your redesign is successful? What experiments would you run as part of your redesign?
  • Who are the stakeholders you would need to engage?
  • What barriers are there to implementing your redesign in real life?

Conclusion (30 points)

  • How is a BE (behavioral economics) approach to the topic useful (or not useful)? What are the limitations of using a BE (behavioral economics) approach?
  • What are the implications of the use of BE theories in the topic area? Are there ethical issues to consider?

References (10 points)

  • Ten minimum (in addition to the assigned readings)
  • Reference page and in-text citations MUST be in APA
  • References do not count toward the page limit

Required References

  • Mullainathan, S., & Shafir, E. (2013). Scarcity: The New Science of Having Less and How It Defines Our Lives.
  • Karlan, D., & Appel, J. (2011). More Than Good Intentions: Improving the Ways the World’s Poor Borrow, Save, Farm, Learn, and Stay Healthy. Penguin Press.
  • National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (2023). Behavioral Economics: Policy Impact and Future Directions. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press.

  • PART TWO –> 
  • PPT
  • Create a 9 slide PPT based on your 8-10 page paper. It will be two slides per section. So two slides for the introduction & Motivation section. Two slides for Literature Review section. Two slides for redesign overview section. Two slides for Conclusion section. One slide fo references. Total will be 9 slides. Each slide (with the exception of the reference slide) will have 1-2 relevant pictures that enhance the slide and each slide will have at least 5-9 bullet points. 
  • Also, please include a brief summary of each slide in the notes section. No more than 3-5 sentences. 

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