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SOC 315 CCC Gender Inequality in the Media Paper

SOC 315 CCC Gender Inequality in the Media Paper




Final Paper Guideline

Soc 315 – Summer 2023

Goal: This final paper will showcase your understanding of the course concepts of Soc 315 and demonstrate your research & writing skills by reviewing 5 scholarly journal articles on your topic.

Process: The work of this paper will be done incrementally (over two weeks) through other activities such as discussion forum, questionnaires and mini-assignments (e.g., citations & abstracts). Slightly late work is acceptable without penalty but may miss out on rapid feedback if not on time.

Total Points Possible: 50

10        – Introduction

25        – Discussion of the scholarly research (5 points for each article discussed)

10        – Conclusion

5          – Overall quality (organization, writing clarity, citation style, references listed)

(See below for outlines and details on each section of your paper)


No set page limit and you can use which ever spacing you wish (1, 1.5., or 2).

Please just be sure to use ASA Citation style.

No cover page needed. 

Step-by-Step Instructions

Identify a topic that represents a significant issue in Gender & Society

Refine so that the topic is not too general and not too narrow

Begin reading through scholarly journal articles on your topic 

Skim through many articles across multiple sources!

Finding Scholarly Articles – Recording:

                                              i. to an external site.

Possible refine your topic as you read more research

Identify 5 articles that will be included in your paper

Submit for feedback to professor

Revised as needed

Read and take copious notes on your articles

Begin drafting your paper (see outline below)

Share portions of your draft for feedback

  • Continue to write and revise sections of your paper
  • Submit paper!
  • Outline for Paper

Use each of the bolded subheadings as YOUR subheadings in the final paper. I suggest recommended length for each section and within each section.

I. Introduction (2 paragraphs minimum)

Describe your topic: give an overview of who is impacted, where this is occurring, and other relevant “overview of the issue” type of information (statistics and other types information). (1 paragraph)

  1. Discuss how topic is relevant to Soc 315: bring in concept and ideas from our class (cite relevant course work including presentation slides, videos/media, articles, essays). (1 paragraph)

II. Discussion of Scholarly Research (7 paragraphs minimum)

  1. Brief introduction about what types of articles you found (e.g., what type of journals, how hard or easy it was to find them, any challenges specifically about refining your topic based on engaging the research. (1 paragraph)
  2. For each of the 5 scholarly articles, discuss the following: (1 paragraph per article)

–       what was the research study about

  1. –       who was included in the study
  2. –       how did they find out the information they share in the research (e.g., what was their method – survey, interviews, content analysis – there will be an entire section on methods)

–       what were the most important results in this research

  1. –       share one quote that really stood out to you

–       what do you think is missing or the researcher(s) could address for a future study

–       be sure to identify which article you are discussing

Conclude this section to share the top three to five things you learned about your topic (1 paragraph)

III. Conclusion (2 paragraphs)

Address how you think your topic fit into our class content – for example, adding new ideas and areas of learning, deepening an area of class that we did not cover as much, etc. (1 paragraph)

  1. State what “solutions” could possibly improve this issue; feel free to quote from your articles or class to help you write about this.  (1 paragraph)

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