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SNHU Developmental Theories Case Study

SNHU Developmental Theories Case Study



For this project, you will be completing a case study analysis on the scenario below. The Module One and Module Two milestones and required reading have prepared you to complete this project. This type of analysis would typically be performed by a social worker as part of an interdisciplinary team focused on patient care. For more information on related career pathways, review the Project One Career Spotlights document, linked in the Supporting Materials area below. Read this scenario to complete your project:

As you recall, April and Judi are identical twins who were put up for adoption at birth and raised in separate households. April was raised in a warm, loving environment where her identity was allowed to flourish in authentic ways. Sadly, Judi was not as fortunate as her twin sister; she was raised in a psychologically abusive and chaotic environment that included parental neglect, substance abuse, and toxic relationships. Compared to April, Judi’s life has been anything but easy.

As previously discussed, Judi had two children with past partners; tragically, one teenage child died from addiction, while the other, nine-year old Kelly, is prone to angry outbursts and struggles with childhood anxiety and depression. Also, Kelly presents as fearful and distrusting, as evidenced by her tendency to retreat and isolate when in social situations. Given Judi’s history of excessive drinking, inattention to good health practices, and severe psychosocial trauma, she is reflecting on how her choices may have impacted Kelly’s development.

After Kelly’s teachers expressed concern about her ability to attend to tasks, recent follow-up psychometric tests conducted by the school psychologist revealed evidence of attention-deficit issues. In addition, Kelly has difficulty regulating her emotions when faced with challenging situations across a variety of contexts. According to her teachers, Kelly has exhibited angry outbursts when waiting for her peers to answer questions or losing at games, and when mistakes cause her to feel embarrassment. These circumstances cause exasperation and anxiety for Kelly, which often result in uncontrollable emotional outbursts that require intervention from school faculty and administrators. Judi believes that she has unknowingly internalized and passed many of the psychosocially dysfunctional qualities that she learned from observing her parents on to Kelly.

In a session with her guidance counselor, Kelly acknowledged that her quick escalation into intense displays of anger often results in feelings of guilt and shame. During the session, Kelly also acknowledged that her inability to control her emotions makes it difficult to sustain peer relationships. To cope, Kelly often seeks reassurance from peers by inquiring as to whether they will give her another chance. However, when her peers deny Kelly the opportunity to prove herself, she feels rejected, lost, and abandoned.

In an effort to help her daughter get the support that she desperately needs, Judi has reached out for help—and hopes for a miracle. 

Use this template to complete your case study analysis. Answer each question with a minimum of 3 to 5 sentences. Support your answers with credible sources when appropriate. Complete this template by replacing the bracketed text with the relevant information.

1. Describe the ways in which Piaget’s research applies to Kelly’s development.

[Insert text.]

2. Describe the ways in which Vygotsky’s research applies to Kelly’s development.

[Insert text.]

3. Identify factors that could have influenced Kelly’s physical well-being during the prenatal, birth, and early childhood stages of development.

[Insert text.]

4. Identify factors that could have influenced Kelly’scognitive well-being during the prenatal, birth, and early childhood stages of development.

[Insert text.]

5. Identify factors that could have influenced Kelly’s psychosocial well-being during the early and middle childhood stages of development.

[Insert text.]

6. Evaluate the sociocultural factors that could contribute to Kelly’s maladaptive behavior.

[Insert text.]

7. Explain why it is important to consider the physical, cognitive, and psychosocial factors in combination (versus separately) throughout the life span when evaluating an individual’s well-being.

[Insert text.]

8. Describe the research or theory that best explains Kelly’s behavior. Explain your response.

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