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SDSU Fostering Diversity for Organizational Success Discussion

SDSU Fostering Diversity for Organizational Success Discussion


Discussion: 250 words

Usually when you think about diversity you automatically think of such factors as age, gender, race, sexual orientation, cultural background, etc., but there is far more to creating a diverse workplace than hiring people who fit into different stereotypical workplace demographics.

We all share things in common with our co-workers the most obvious being working at the same company in the same industry. With that said though, everyone is their own person and can bring different things to the table, which is why diversity is so important among a team. By hiring people with different personalities and at varied stages of their career, it can help to foster creativity and offer a range of perspectives and ideas. Intangible benefits of a diverse workforce are subjective and not measurable in monetary terms. As a leader of your organization how would you quantify the benefits of a diverse workforce to your investors?

Student #1 respond to Davis- 150 words

At the Le Corporations Learning Center, we believe that the unique skills and perspectives of each employee are essential to the success of the company. Research shows that companies who prioritize diversity and actively endeavor to increase it in the workplace have a competitive advantage over their peers (Parsi, 2017). We work hard to hire people from all over the country so that our team may reflect the demographics of the areas where our customers live. This includes diversity in terms of race, religion, sexual orientation, and gender.

Our company conducts an annual employee engagement survey and reports the results to our investors along with diversity data, financial results, and staff retention rates. This is done so that our dedication to diversity may be seen by investors as a quantifiable metric. Examining the responses to our employee engagement survey allows us to talk about things like teamwork, confidence in management, and whether the company follows ethical practices.

Conversely, if we fail in our efforts to increase diversity, it will likely become clear to our investors. Even if diversity in the workplace has been demonstrated to reduce lawsuits (Green et al., 2016), this could still have a detrimental impact on performance, the company’s reputation, and the number of lawsuits filed.

Respond to student number 2, Benjamin – 150 words

The definition of diversity is evolving, moving beyond the traditional confines of demographic labels. Diversity is not merely about age, gender, race, or cultural background but also about different personalities, career stages, and the unique attributes that each individual brings. Each person’s unique journey and experiences provide a wealth of knowledge, perspectives, and problem-solving abilities that are indispensable for any organization.

  1. Innovation through Diversity: Gregersen, Morrison, & Black (1998) emphasize the necessity for organizations to cultivate leaders equipped to navigate the global frontier. In this increasingly interconnected world, a diverse workforce provides companies with a competitive edge, allowing them to tap into a myriad of perspectives. At Snitker Solutions, we’ve observed that the dynamism stemming from diversity has catalyzed our innovation, making us adaptable and forward-looking.
  1. Inclusion Mindset: It’s essential to distinguish between diversity and inclusion. As Connors (2019) articulates, adopting an inclusion mindset is crucial. At Snitker Solutions, while we celebrate our diverse workforce, we emphasize creating an environment where all voices are heard and valued. Inclusion goes beyond mere representation; it’s about ensuring that every individual feels a sense of belonging and value.
  1. Harnessing the Power of Diversity: Harris (2019) sheds light on how to effectively tap into the power of diversity. In line with this, our strategies at Snitker Solutions are centered around not just recruiting a diverse workforce but empowering them. By doing so, we harness the collective intelligence and perspectives of our team, leading to enhanced decision-making and creativity.
  1. Quantifying the Benefits of Diversity: Grissom (2018) provides insights into the tangible and intangible benefits of workplace diversity and inclusion. To quantify these benefits to our investors:
  • We highlight the increased creativity and innovation that arises from diverse teams, leading to the development of groundbreaking solutions and strategies.
  • We emphasize the enhanced market reach, as our diverse workforce allows us to connect with a broader clientele on a deeper level.
  • The reduced turnover resulting from our commitment to an inclusive environment translating to direct cost savings.
  • Lastly, the risk mitigation that diverse teams offer, ensuring that our strategies are well-rounded and resilient.

In conclusion, at Snitker Solutions, we recognize the depth and breadth of diversity and its potential to drive our success. The mosaic of experiences, personalities, backgrounds, and skills is what sets us apart. To our investors, I always reiterate that our commitment to diversity and inclusion isn’t a transient trend but a foundational principle. Leveraging insights from Connors (2019), Grissom (2018), Harris (2019), and Gregersen et al. (1998), we’ve strategically positioned ourselves to reap the myriad benefits that diversity offers, translating them into tangible results that bolster our growth and market position.


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