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SDSU Aging and the Risk of Abuse Discussion

SDSU Aging and the Risk of Abuse Discussion


Hi, I need someone to respond to the following student discussion which I have provided below. Also, below the student discussion I have provided the original discussion prompt that the student discussion was referring to. I have provided an example of how to reply to a student to give you an idea of how to respond to a student discussion.

Student Discussion That Needs to Be Responded to:

The aging process is a complex and gradual biological phenomenon that occurs as living organisms grow older. It is influenced by a combination of genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors. there are several key characteristics associated with the aging process such as

Metabolic Changes: aging is associated with changes in metabolism, including a gradual decline in metabolic rate.

Loss of Muscle Mass and Bone Density: As people age, there is often a loss of muscle mass and bone density, a condition known as sarcopenia and osteoporosis, respectively. (Spirgiene & Brent,2018 )

Hormone production and regulation change: As a person ages for instance, menopause in women and andropause (age-related decline in testosterone) in men are examples of hormonal shifts that come with aging. Also, Aging often brings changes to the nervous system, leading to a gradual decline in cognitive functions such as memory, attention, and processing speed.

Memory issues, such as those associated with dementia, can contribute to elder abuse in several ways. Like dependence on caregivers, older adults with memory issues may become highly dependent on caregivers for their basic needs, medication management, financial decisions, and personal care. This dependence can create a power imbalance between the older adult and the caregiver, potentially leading to situations where the caregiver abuses their position of trust. Also, inability to recall abuse: Memory problems can make it difficult for older adults to recall instances of abuse or neglect. They might not remember the abusive incidents, the people involved, or even that they reported abuse in the past. This makes it easier for abusers to deny their actions.

Here are some key considerations for nurses when conducting health assessments on geriatric patients, as compared to middle-aged adults:

Physical Changes and Mobility:

Geriatric patients experience reduced joint flexibility and bone density. Nurses should be mindful of their limited mobility and may need to modify assessment techniques to accommodate physical limitations. So care should be taken to prevent falls or injuries during assessments, as geriatric patients are more susceptible to fractures. Compare to Middle-Aged Adult who generally, muscle mass and bone density are relatively stable. Physical examination might focus more on identifying early signs of chronic conditions like hypertension, diabetes, or cardiovascular disease. (Tosato et al., 2019)

Cognitive Function:

Geriatric patients may have varying levels of cognitive impairment, including dementia or memory issues. Nurses should tailor their communication techniques and questions accordingly, Compare to adult for aging patient more time might be needed to allow the patient to process and respond to questions.(Tosato et al., 2019)

Medication Management:

Geriatric patients often take multiple medications, which can lead to drug interactions or adverse effects. Nurses should thoroughly review the patient’s medication list and ask about any changes or concerns.(Tosato et al., 2019)

References :

Tosato, M., Zamboni, V., Ferrini, A., & Cesari, M. (2019). The aging process and potential interventions to extend life expectancy. Clinical interventions in aging, 2(3), 401.

Spirgiene L, Brent L. ( 2018 ).Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment from a Nursing Perspective editors. Fragility Fracture Nursing: Holistic Care and Management of the Orthogeriatric Patient Available from: doi: 10.1007/978-3-319-76681-2_4

Original Discussion Prompt:

Assessment Description

Describe the characteristics of the aging process. Explain how some of the characteristics may lead to elder abuse (memory issues, vulnerability, etc.). Discuss the types of consideration a nurse must be mindful of while performing a health assessment on a geriatric patient as compared to a middle-aged adult.

Example of How to Respond to a Student Discussion:

Hi Nita,

I like how you discuss both the teacher observing the student and the student observing their own art. You bring up excellent points about the teachers observing the children, because it does help the teacher to better communicate with the children and understand them better. As teachers, it is very important to nurture students, particularly if they are very young, I think, because it allows them to better understand the needs of the student, and how to work with them. Paying attention to what the student is drawing, and seeing how the student reacts to their own work can improve the teachers’ understanding.

Expressing feelings in this discussion board reply examples is a major component of growing up. The more a student is able to express those feelings, the more they can understand them. I liked reading about what you said on this topic, and I agree that the art is a very useful tool that students can learn to express their feelings effectively. If they do not express them, they are keeping them inside, and drawing can become a form of counseling for them. In my opinion, I think the drawing can be particularly useful for many students who are quiet. These students do not often express themselves verbally, and drawing can be a way for them to understand their feelings, and to release some pent up sadness of hostile feelings, for example. I think this form of therapy sticks with many people throughout life, and they continue to use drawing as a coping mechanism.


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