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RU The Market Needs More Concerns to Drive Stock Gains Discussion

RU The Market Needs More Concerns to Drive Stock Gains Discussion


Parrt 1 Directions: class discussion and classmate respouse 

Why study finance? Even if you are not pursuing a career in finance, it is critical that you have a fundamental understanding of finance in both your professional and personal life. Finance is primarily about the management of money, but it has more significance than that. What makes finance so essential?

Initial Post

Think of the ways finance affects you professionally and personally.

In what ways can finance help enhance a business? Give some examples of how finance affects various areas of a business.

How does finance affect you daily? Give some examples and explain how learning finance can help you manage your own money.

  • Reply Post

Respond to two classmate’s posts by considering the following:

  • What do you think of their examples? How did they differ from your own?
  • What did you learn about how finance affects a person at the individual level?

What other examples can you add or expand upon?



22 hours ago, at 9:10 PM

Finance is the funding a business needs for commercial purposes. It is the money owners need to start, run and expand their businesses. Finance affects various business areas such as investment strategies, risk management, and cash flow management. Investment strategies help companies to decide how to allocate their resources to the most profitable projects. Risk management helps companies assess and mitigate potential losses from uncertain events. Cash flow management helps companies plan and control their inflows and outflows of money to meet their goals.

Achieving financial literacy allows individuals to avoid making poor financial decisions. It can also help them become self-sufficient and achieve financial independence. Learning how to create a budget, track spending, pay off debt, and plan for retirement are all ways to attain financial independence. I actually learned this today, but finance can affect us daily by impacting our sleep, self-esteem, and energy levels.



22 hours ago, at 8:44 PM

The principles of finance are the cornerstone of society. Whether it be in a business or an individual, finances are what makes our world go round. The effects of finance, while similar, do differ professionally and personally.

When it comes to businesses, finances are the base of nearly all companies. Businesses are created to make a profit, and without proper finance principles put in place and practice, the business will no longer exist. With proper finance principle practices, a business is able to budget accordingly, which is accomplished through forecasting, both dealing with finance. By doing so, a business is able to plan for the future and increase profitability.

Personally, finance affects each of us differently. Students, for example, if they are just out of high school, may be operating with larger budget constraints than a working adult who is also attending school. Investment and saving decisions are another example of how finance will affect everyone differently. Due to multiple factors, not everyone is in the same place financially to be able to save large amounts of money, but everyone understands that in order to retire and be comfortable, investments and savings are a necessity. By learning finance principles, an individual has the opportunity to change negative habits in an attempt to get on track with where they need to in order to set themselves up for a future that may include retirement. 

  • Part 2:
    Assignment – Financial Market Research

Visit one of the websites or library databases below to find a finance article that interests you.

Click on any sections at the top or see the Trending section

Other credible financial sites

In at least one page (double-spaced) in a Word document, write a summary of your chosen article. Describe the main purpose of the article and three ideas or issues you learned about. Explain how each idea affects the financial markets.

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