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RU Social Media & Business Communication Article Discussion

RU Social Media & Business Communication Article Discussion


Discussion Directions: class discussion and classmate reply 

Social media has become a primary avenue for customer communication. An organization’s social media strategy, how it manages communications, and engages with customers on social media will significantly impact the organization’s success. 

Initial Post 

Share an example of a time when you communicated with a company via social media. Alternatively, search your preferred social media outlet for an example of an organization communicating with an individual.  

What was the purpose of communication? 

What was the response?  

Was this a positive experience for the customer?  

How could the organization have improved its customer communication in that situation? 

Reply Post 

Respond to at least one classmate’s post. Share an experience you have had or witnessed related to a peer’s post. How was it similar or different? What was the outcome? You can also suggest other ideas for how the company can improve its social media strategy. 

Classmate to reply Stephanie Antuna

Social media is widely used all around the globe to facilitate the communication of customers and owners of businesses in the process of inquiry management and customers’ response and needs toward the improvement of the organization’s service delivery. Many organizations use different social media platforms to facilitate the various activities of the business. 

Businesses also use social media platforms to market their services and goods, Facebook, among other outlets. I am a member of Facebook social network as the largest social network in the world, and I have grown fond of how it provides its users with a suitable platform to advertise and grow their enterprises.

This social platform has given its users various tools to facilitate their day-to-day activities and dramatically influenced their outcomes and expectations. It has saved businesses funds that could have been used to market their products on other social platforms, which has also raised my interest in online shopping. I once contacted a business through this social platform and liked the interaction process.

The purpose of my communication

After going through a business page advertising very nice and ready-made clothes, I had to inquire about their prices since it was not indicated in the pictures they had posted. I wanted to know how much it would cost me to buy a very nice shirt I had seen and wrote them a message for the inquiry.

The response 

The response was positive, and their customer assistant sent me a list of the items they sell, and their prices were well indicated; I even came to know how much other things coasted, which also were eye-catching to me, and I even was confused about what I should choose due to the financial state I was in that time. Although it was good communication, it took long for me to get a response from the customer service assistant.

The positive nature of the response

I liked the online customer service and engagement since I was given all I required to know and instructed on obtaining my package after the purchase. I was also given a helpline if I wanted to speak to one of the agents from the business’s main office and the various locations within the town.

How the organization might have improved its customer service

The organization should have devised an instant customer response team to answer and respond to customer questions so that they can immediately address their concerns. They should also have indicated the prices of the goods in the photos they post on their Facebook page so that customers don’t need to inquire about them.

Part 2: Is a writing assignment of 

Business Communication Article 

As a columnist for the publication Business Communication Today, you are writing a blog article critiquing a company’s communication methods. In your article, you will explain that organizations now communicate with customers via more channels than ever before because of the continued innovation in technology. You will explain the importance of well-trained employees for providing good customer service. Finally, you want to make sure the blog post expresses that effective communication is critical to providing good customer service.
Choose a company that you are familiar with, and then research two channels in which they communicate. This could include communication face-to-face or via their website, email, or social media. Include the following:  

Describe the company you chose (purpose, product, and service offerings). 

Explain the two communication channels you are critiquing. 

Critique the channels: 

Explain how the company uses the channel to communicate. 

Share examples of the communication (personal or ones you have found via research). 

Determine if they are effective via their communication on that channel. 

Clarify if they could improve their communication via each channel (explain why or why not). 

Conclude the blog with the importance of communication for delivering excellent customer service.  

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