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Psychology Book Analysis Paper

Psychology Book Analysis Paper


Final Paper


There are 3 options for your Final Paper:

  • Option 1: Essay on a topic of your choice that pertains to Psychology. SEE ATTACHMENT FOR INSTRUCTIONS
  • Option 2: A movie/book analysis. SEE ATTACHMENT FOR INSTRUCTIONS
  • Option 3: A compare/contrast paper regarding popular press articles and peer-reviewed articles. SEE ATTACHMENT FOR INSTRUCTIONS


The Final Paper should consist of a minimum of three to five typed pages. Each paper option has a format that should be followed in order to ensure you have met all of the requirements.
Note: The “title page” and “References” page are not counted as part of the three to five pages of the Final Paper.

Be sure that the paper submission adheres to the following formatting requirements:

  • Use double-spacing.
  • Use size 12 font Arial or Times New Roman. Do not try to increase your paper length with another font.
  • Set margins to one-inch on all sides.
  • Be sure to include your name/course title on the first page.
  • Write in complete sentences, use good English grammar, and correct spelling.
  • APA documentation style must be used when citing references in context and bibliography (if any).
  • Your paper will be checked for plagiarism using Safe Assign.

Assignment 1

Read the information in your textbook and outside research regarding ethical considerations in research. Answer the following questions using complete sentences. Be sure to cite and reference your sources using APA writing style. Use at least 3 outside resources for this assignment.

  • What are the ethical rules today regarding research?
  • What populations require protection from research?
  • What is informed consent?
  • Are nonhumans protected in the same manner as humans?
  • How would someone go about getting a potential research project approved?

Assignment 2

You share half of your genetic makeup with each of your parents, but you are no doubt very different from both of them. With this in mind, complete the following

Make a list of similarities and differences in yourself and your parents.

Explain how you think your unique environment and experiences have contributed to some of the differences.

Find 1 research article that focuses on the environmental impact on genetics. Give a brief review of the information found by the researchers.

Assignment 3

Chapter 5 discussed things that can affect our perception, such as attention, processing, sensory adaptation, and motivation. Define one of these and provide an example of how it has affected your perception in the past. You may find this Youtube video about selective attention very helpful.

This will be a short assignment, approximately 2 paragraphs. There are no outside sources required for the assignment. If you do use outside research, be sure and give credit to the source using APA format.

Assignment 4

Chapter 7 discusses intelligence. Using the book and outside research, complete the following tasks:

  • Define intelligence.
  • Do you agree with the definition? Why or why not?
  • Look at the theories of intelligence in the book and decide which you think is the most accurate. Use outside research to support your opinion.

This assignment is between 2-3 pages. You will need to have outside research and APA citations.

Assignment 5

Choose a theory about motivation from the textbook (Chapter 10, section 10.1). Use the textbook as well as outside research to complete this assignment. Be sure and cite and reference your sources. Complete the following:

  • List and explain the major concepts of the theory.
  • List the important theorists involved in the theory as well as their contribution.
  • Discuss the criticisms of the theory.
  • Discuss the strengths of the theory.
  • Provide a real life example of the theory in action.

Assignment 6

Respond to the question, “Who am I?” Based on your response, do you have a negative or positive self-concept? What are some experiences that led you to develop this particular concept?

Note: This is a self-reflective assignment and will only be seen by the instructor.

Assignment 7

Use Chapter 13 and outside research to complete the following:

  • How can bias affect a job interview?
  • What can be done to reduce bias in an interview?
  • Have you had any personal experience with bias (positive or negative) in an interview situation? Explain.

Assignment 8

List and explain some of the risk factors associated with the development of PTSD following a traumatic event. What qualifies as traumatic? Do all people experience trauma in the same manner? Can PTSD only be experienced by combat veterans? Explain all answers thoroughly and with documentation. Be sure to cite and reference your sources using APA writing style.

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