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PSY 120 GCCCD Psychology The Concept of Self Care Paper

PSY 120 GCCCD Psychology The Concept of Self Care Paper


part one

Conduct your own sleep stud


To conduct your own sleep study. 

Research question: Are hours of sleep associated with feeling rested?


Part 1: Use the following table to record your sleep patterns for at least 4 days. Copy and paste this table into another document. You will be submitting it with this assignment:

Sleep tracker

Day/Date Bed Time Wake-up time Did you wake up during the night (yes/no) Did you get up during the night (yes/no) Total hours slept How rested do you feel on a scale of 1-5 upon waking. (1= not rested at all. 5= very rested)

Part 2: Answer the following questions:

What type of study did you conduct?

What are your variables?

What was your average (mean) hours of sleep? (in order to find this you need to add up all the hours of sleep and divide it by the number of days you tracked. 

Ex: Day 1 sleep: 7 hours, Day 2 sleep: 6 hours, Day 3 sleep: 7 hours, Day 4 sleep: 8 hours. Average= 7 + 6 + 7 + 8= 28/4= 7 hours on average. 

Now look up the average recommended hours of sleep for your age. What is your source and do you feel it is reliable? Why or why not?

What are some things that may have influences your sleep habits this week? Provide at least two examples. 

What other variables do you think should be included in future studies?

Discuss ethical issues with the process of recording your own data?

Do you think there is a connection between feeling rested and academic performance? How might you conduct a study to assess this? 

Identify your study design, variables, and what you might do.

Include your sleep tracking table in your assignment submission!












.part two

Self-care reflection and plan


To reflect on what you are doing for self-care and design a weekly self-care plan. 


Self-care is defined as “actions an individual might take in order to reach optimal physical and mental health” (GoodTherapy, 2019). Engaging in activities that you view as self-care should make you feel relaxed, rejuvenated or energized, rather than depleted, depressed, angry, or defeated.  Self-care might seem selfish, however several studies show that individuals who engage in practices of self-care are more resilient and better able to cope with everyday challenges. Sometimes it is hard to find the motivation to engage in self-care, even with all of these positive benefits. Therefore, it is especially important to have a self-care plan when we are in the midst of a global pandemic, economic crisis, and renewed interest in dismantling systemic oppression. 


Growing up, how was self-care viewed within your family? Reflect on how your parents practiced or discussed self-care and describe how it influenced your own perception of self-care.

Describe a self-care routine that you engage in on a weekly basis. Explain the specific activities you do to take care of yourself physically and mentally. If you do not currently have a self-care routine, discuss the challenges you face in establishing one.

Explain the concept of self-care and its importance in maintaining optimal physical and mental well-being. Provide examples of two self-care activities that align with your own personal goals and explain why you believe they will contribute to your overall well-being.

Compare and contrast intrinsic and extrinsic motivation and analyze how they relate to your perspective on practicing self-care. 

Develop a personalized plan to motivate yourself to engage in self-care consistently. Discuss two to three strategies that you will employ to enhance your motivation moving forward.

Comment on a classmates recommendations for #4 above. 

Self-Care Resources: to an external site. to an external site. to an external site.

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