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PHC 499 SEU Healthcare Management Principles Understanding Discussion

PHC 499 SEU Healthcare Management Principles Understanding Discussion


Second discussion should include the following questions

? What did you learn, either from reading or classroom discussions that you applied on the internship?

? Which courses/subjects you feel could be expanded or added that would have helped you perform the internship better?

? How does this internship experience change your views?

response to 3 students from your class:


Hamidah Aldugham

What did you learn, either from reading or classroom discussions that you applied on the internship?

I have learned a lot from reading and class discussions during my internship. Starting with, the National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) is the internet-based surveillance system that enables us as public health practitioners to collect and use data about Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs). As well as we have clinical practices known to prevent HAIs and the occurrence of multidrug-resistant organisms (MDRs). Moreover, I earned valuable information about outbreak management and how to investigate an outbreak. Additionally, I can communicate with employees who had occupational injuries and follow up with them, also, educate them about occupational health and safety, injuries that may happen in the work environment, and how they promote their health and safety. The internship enabled me to apply most of the theory information to practical behavior at a high standard. Lastly, the internship stage is a golden opportunity to explore our skills of ourselves and how we perform them greatly in practical applications.

Which courses/subjects you feel could be expanded or added that would have helped you perform the internship better?

During my training period as a student, I found that I need to develop some aspects such as intensifying knowledge or attending courses related to data analysis, infection controls courses and research courses. Additionally, it will be better for me to attend a basic patient experience course, and also, have self-development courses such as time management, multitasking skills, and writing reports.

How does this internship experience change your views?

The internship has changed my perspective on cooperation and the importance of sharing ideas among the various medical cadres, such as physicians, allied health professionals, and nurses. As well as meetings that discuss how to create health programs that serve patients and society while improving the quality of care. 


Alhassan Alwadai

  1. Infection Control Practices: Understanding the principles of infection control, including the chain of infection, transmission routes, and methods to prevent the spread of infections, would be essential in the internship. This knowledge would help in implementing proper infection control protocols and maintaining a safe and hygienic environment.
  2. Sterilization Techniques: Knowledge of different sterilization methods, their mechanisms of action, and the appropriate use of sterilization equipment would be valuable for ensuring the proper disinfection of medical instruments and equipment.
  3. Regulatory Guidelines: Familiarity with relevant guidelines and standards set by organizations such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) would help in adhering to best practices in infection control and sterilization.
  4. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Understanding the correct use, selection, and disposal of PPE is crucial in protecting oneself and others from infections.
  5. Occupational Safety: Learning about occupational safety measures, including safe handling and disposal of hazardous materials, would be applicable in maintaining a safe work environment.
  6. Record-Keeping and Documentation: Knowledge of proper documentation practices would assist in maintaining accurate records of sterilization processes and compliance with regulatory requirements.
  7. Courses/Subjects That Could Enhance Internship Performance:
    1. Microbiology: A deeper understanding of microbiology would aid in comprehending the characteristics and behavior of microorganisms, helping to make informed decisions in infection control practices.
    2. Epidemiology: A course in epidemiology would provide insights into tracking and managing the spread of infections within healthcare settings.
    3. Quality Management: Expanding knowledge in quality management would be beneficial for implementing continuous improvement initiatives in infection control and sterilization processes.
    4. Communication Skills: Improving communication skills would assist in effectively conveying information and collaborating with other healthcare professionals.
    5. Health and Safety Regulations: A comprehensive course on health and safety regulations specific to healthcare facilities would help interns navigate compliance requirements better.Internship Experience and Changing Views: For someone working in the infection control and sterilization department, the internship experience might reinforce the importance of strict adherence to infection control protocols. It could also provide a firsthand understanding of the challenges and critical nature of their role in preventing healthcare-associated infections.Through the internship, one might develop a greater appreciation for the interdisciplinary collaboration necessary in healthcare settings. Working closely with healthcare professionals from various departments could lead to a better understanding of the interconnectedness of roles in ensuring patient safety.Moreover, the internship experience may highlight the significance of continuous learning and staying up-to-date with evolving guidelines and technologies in infection control and sterilization. It could also foster a sense of responsibility in contributing to the overall well-being of patients and the healthcare community.


maher almuanni

1-What did you learn, either from reading or classroom discussions that you applied on the internship?
The Basic Medical Terminology (biol 101 ) course also benefited me a lot at the time of training, because many medical terms were present in this course, and also the Health Behavior(Phc281) course is a very important part, and it helped me a lot to change my behavior, and also the Health Communications (phc321 ) course taught me how to communicate with patients and employees and deal with them correctly based on their personalities and dimensions . In the Occupational Health course (PHC261), we learned about employees, how they deal with infected patients, and the procedures that must be used to ensure that no infection is transmitted between patients and medical staff. From the (phc131 and phc231) epidemiology courses, I learned many diseases, how they spread, ways to reduce disease spread and maintain a clean environment. In Curie Ethics and Regulations (PHC216) How I treat patients and staff in general not only during training but even in my future job.

2-Which courses/subjects you feel could be expanded or added that would have helped you perform the internship better?
I would have preferred that the training period be longer than three months, because I see that the infection control department is a very broad department and it takes a long time to learn everything in it, because it is not limited to one department, but all hospital departments are under the infection control department, so we need a longer period, and I was hoping that there would be an expanded study material In the university about infection control or training courses that the university puts on for public health students. Also, public health students need a field course, where they go to hospitals twice a week, where they have previous experience on how to deal with patients and staff.

3-How does this internship experience changes your views?
It became more accurate for things that we were ignorant of, and it was very simple things. For example, when leaving the cream box open without covering it, I used to see that this is a normal thing, but during a training period I discovered that one of the errors was the transmission of infection, and also the types of garbage. I did not realize the importance that each color has its own elements. I can throw what I want with any type of them, but during the training period I understood that this thing is wrong and that I must put each element in its correct place.

God willing, with the coming days, you will learn a lot. 

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