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PGCC Personal Aim Statement Reflection

PGCC Personal Aim Statement Reflection


In Module 1, you developed a personal Aim statement for something in your own life (work, school, or personal) and tracked the progress throughout this course:

Health and Wellbeing

Intense dedication to one’s health and well-being is necessary to achieve a wholly productive lifestyle. As such, it is necessary to have control of our life decisions and take practical steps to improve the quality of our lives through the preservation of our mental and physical health. Good physical health is achieved through various scheduled, repetitive tasks. These include regular physical activity, adequate rest and sleep for brain development, and proper nourishment through a balanced diet (Myers, Kokkinos & Nyelin, 2019). A balanced diet is vital for optimum well-being since it gives the body all the nutrients and boosts immunity. Physical activity incorporates strength and cardio operations for the best cardiovascular health and overall fitness.


I will concentrate on activities that aim to enhance my physical and mental health. I will designate 1-2 hours daily for exercises that aim to improve me physically and emotionally. Physical fitness will entail an intricate array of slow and exhausting actions, making it particularly difficult to achieve. Physical activities and aerobics have been proven to be effective in promoting both physical and mental health. Adequate sleep is crucial for achieving optimal health, and I aim at having 7-8 hours of sleep daily to give the body enough rest it to develop and replenish the lost energy. Creating a diet plan comprising the correct amount of nutrients will be an element of proper dietary activities. These consist of calories, minerals, vitamins, and proteins.


This is my objective since I look forward to carrying out all of these undertakings and achieving a high level of health and well-being. I will engage in physical activities involving both cardio and strength training on regular periods. Cardiovascular health can be achieved by aerobic exercise to increase the heart rate and improve general cardiovascular system performance (Kaminsky et al., 2019). Activities involve exercises like cycling, swimming, dancing, and running. The main advantage of engaging in these activities is that it will boost the lung capacity, act as a stress reduction therapy, and enhance the general health of the heart. Strength training exercises such as weightlifting will help me develop more muscular strength, enhance bone health, and increase the rate of metabolism. Proper hydration is crucial during these activities.


In as much as these activities are necessary for a productive life, there is a need to balance them with other facets of daily living like school and work. As such, I will engage in physical activities first thing in the morning before commencing other activities. Therefore, early workouts with both cardio and weightlifting are most advised. It aids in establishing a cheerful outlook for the rest of the day. Additionally, I will have evening sessions, which will allow me to release the day’s stresses and facilitate better sleep, serving as an aspect of mental health therapy. I must consistently and discipline in following this routine to achieve my goal.

How much

Following a daily routine also includes dedicating the minimum time to engage in these activities. This includes per session. In addition, this will also include the number of times per week to perform these exercises. I will be engaging in physical exercise 3 days a week, one hour each day per session.

Full statement

I want to reach my ideal physical and mental health level by the end of the year and lose fifteen pounds in the process. A consistent physical and cardiovascular exercise routine, a healthy diet, and enough sleep will accomplish this. I’ll work out for an hour three times a week, shifting between morning and evening workouts. I’ll emphasize keeping a healthy physical weight while also putting my mental welfare first through activities like stress reduction and meditation.


Kaminsky, L. A., Arena, R., Ellingsen, Ø., Harber, M. P., Myers, J., Ozemek, C., & Ross, R. (2019). Cardiorespiratory Fitness and Cardiovascular disease-the Past, present, and Future. Progress in cardiovascular diseases, 62(2), 86-93.

Myers, J., Kokkinos, P., & Nyelin, E. (2019). Physical activity, cardiorespiratory fitness, and metabolic syndrome. Nutrients, 11(7), 1652. 

In a 1- to 2-page paper, reflect on your personal Aim progress. Use the prompts below to complete your reflection.

What progress did you make towards the Aim?

Elaborate on your plan and the steps you implemented to achieve the Aim.

Describe the barriers or difficulties encountered in completing this Aim.

Identify 1–2 strategies (at minimum) that you will do differently going forward to achieve this Aim.

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