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Persuasive Speech The Power of Public Speaking Paper

Persuasive Speech The Power of Public Speaking Paper


Touchstone 5: Persuasive Speech Revision

ASSIGNMENT: For this Touchstone, you will utilize the outline you submitted for Touchstone 4 and deliver a 5–7 minute persuasive speech that incorporates feedback and other tips and strategies you’ve learned throughout the course. 

In order to foster learning and growth, all work you submit must be original for this course. Any recycled work will be sent back with a 0, and you will be given one attempt to redo the Touchstone.

Touchstone Support Videos

Choosing the Right Language
Overcoming Public Speaking Anxiety
Using Your Voice
Communicating Nonverbally
Filming Your Speech

A. Directions

Step 1: Review Outline

Review the outline of the persuasive speech that you delivered in Unit 4 as well as the feedback that you have received. Your speech should include an introduction, body, conclusion, and transitions. 

The introduction should contain your key message. 

The body should cover your main topics and support to back up your main points. Make sure that all information, evidence, and persuasive strategies (ethos, pathos, and/or logos) are relevant and from credible sources. 

The conclusion should summarize your main points and repeat your thesis.

The transition should help you shift from one topic to another.

Refer to the following lessons for support:

Components of a Speech

Choosing the Main Points

Highlighting the Main Points

Ordering the Main Points

The Preparation Outline

The Speaking and Rough Draft Outlines

The Role of the Introduction

Establishing Credibility: Topic, Thesis, and Main Points

Introducing the Topic, Thesis, and Main Points

The Role and Use of Transitions

The Role of the Conclusion

Step 2: Incorporate Visual Aid

Think of an effective way to incorporate at least one visual aid that will be relevant to your purpose and message and will enhance your speech.

Refer to the following lessons for support:

Using Visual Aids

The Dos and Don’ts of Using Visual Aids

Using PowerPoint and Other Presentation Software

  • PowerPoint Formatting and Delivery Tips
  • Step 3: Create New Notes
  • Create notes or bullet points that you can refer to while presenting your speech. You should not read your speech word-for-word from your notes. Make sure to cite any sources you have used as you deliver your speech.
  • Refer to the following lessons for support:

Preparing to Deliver Your Speech

Step 4: Use Clear Language

  • Ensure that the language you use is consistently clear and appropriate to the audience, which helps the audience connect with you and your topic. Explain any technical jargon you use where necessary.

Refer back to the following lesson for support:

Mind Your Audience

Make It Memorable and Enhance Audience Understanding

  • Step 5: Practice Speech

Practice presenting your speech, focusing on your voice, your nonverbal communication, and your use of one or more visual aids. Aim for a speech 5–7 minutes in length.

  • Refer to the following lessons for support:

Best Practices in Public Speaking

Using Your Voice: Volume and Rate

Using Your Voice: Articulation, Pronunciation, Dialect, and Vocal Variety

Eye Contact, Facial Expression, Movement, and Gesture

Step 6: Review Rubric

  • Before filming, review the rubric to ensure that you understand how you will be evaluated.

Step 7: Film Speech

  • Film yourself presenting the speech. Be sure that you can be easily seen and heard—at minimum, your head and shoulders should be visible in your video, and you should make eye contact with your audience by directing your speech toward the camera.

Important: Be sure that your speech’s purpose, audience, and thesis are clear. If you choose, you can state this information at the beginning of your video before you begin your speech.

Refer back to the following lessons for support:


The Purpose and Thesis Statement

Step 8: Review Video

Review your video, be sure that you can be easily seen and heard, and that you have directed your speech to the camera. Refilm as needed. Your speech should be delivered in one video with no cuts or editing.

Step 9: Review Checklist and Requirements

  • Review the checklist and requirements to ensure that your Touchstone is complete.

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