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PCE 80 GCU Psychotherapy Based Supervision Model DISCUSSION

PCE 80 GCU Psychotherapy Based Supervision Model DISCUSSION


Provide a well-articulated response to each of the following two peer responses. The response must be 250 words in length and include at least one citation and reference. I have included the Discussion Question for context.

  1. Consider the counseling institution in which you work or an institution for which you would like to work. Do not identify the institution. Would a psychotherapy-based supervision model be appropriate in that setting? If so, which model(s) would be appropriate? Why? If not, why not? Tara’s Response – In the institution where I currently work, and one where I
    would love to continue to be affiliated with after graduation, a
    psychotherapy-based supervision model would be appropriate for the setting. The
    model that would mostly align with the setting I am in would be psychodynamic
    Bernard and Goodyear (2019) describe the
    purpose of psychodynamic supervision as not to provide therapy, but to teach
    how to resolve relational conflicts between the supervisor and supervisee, by
    working closely together, which will ultimately enhance how the supervisee will
    work with clients. My supervisor appears to view supervision as a process for
    teaching and learning and does emphasize the importance of the relationships
    between the client, supervisee, and supervisor as explained by Bernard and
    Goodyear (2019).
    For example, as my supervisor and I were
    walking through a case conceptualization, I was describing the client and she
    asked me a specific question which made me stop, reassess the client and what
    they were telling me, allowing my eyes to open to a new perspective. The next
    time I saw the client, I was able to do the same with them, which led to a new
    awareness for the client and a productive session. Bernard, J. N., & Goodyear, R. K. (2019). Fundamentals of clinical supervision (6th ed.). Pearson. ISBN-13: 9780134752518
  2. What do you believe are the best tactics for structuring and implementing psychotherapy-based supervision models? Why? Would these tactics be effective in the counseling institution in which you work or an institution for which you would like to work? Why or why not? Tara’s Response – In my opinion, the best tactics for structuring and
    implementing psychotherapy-based supervision models would be to develop the
    relationship between the supervisor and supervisee, have structure in the
    supervision meetings, create opportunities to self-reflect, case conceptualize,
    and consistently show support. Watkins Jr. (1995) described how a supervisor
    can successfully implement a psychotherapy-based supervision model as being
    supportive, empathetic, respectful, engaged in both teaching and
    conceptualizing behaviors, stimulate self-examination and self-reflection,
    being clear, explicit, and specific when setting goals, expectations, and
    providing feedback, as well as having a sense of timing and ability to know
    when a supervisee needs something.
    I do believe these tactics are being used in
    my current counseling institution and are effective as I have seen growth in
    myself and my fellow supervisees. My supervisor has created an atmosphere where
    I feel safe to ask questions or make a mistake, challenged to step outside my
    comfort zone by discussing different modalities or thinking of various ways to
    approach a situation, as well as having opportunities to self-reflect on my
    progress and abilities to not only care for different client populations, but
    to also be successful when I am an independent counselor. Watkins Jr., C. E. (1995). Psychotherapy supervision in
    the 1990s: Some observations and reflections. American Journal of Psychotherapy (Association
    for the Advancement of Psychotherapy), 49

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