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PC International Relations Theory Questions

PC International Relations Theory Questions


A statement suggesting that an increase in tariffs will lead to greater domestic production, and a decrease in tariffs will lead to falling domestic production, can be best described as a(n) ________

Question 1 options:





Question 2 (2.475 points)

A researcher has gathered potential choices, preferences, and information about the capabilities of two actors. The researcher then uses mathematical logic to model how a set of structural attributes constrain a series of individual decisions to produce an outcome between the actors. This method of analysis is best known as ________ theory.

Question 2 options:





Question 3 (2.475 points)

Perrion is a theorist and is concerned with improving the international system. She uses moral and philosophical arguments to evaluate the content of goals that international actors pursue. Perrion works to generate ________ theories.

Question 3 options:





Question 4 (2.475 points)

Which of the following represents the best example of a normative theory?

Question 4 options:

a theory that explains how anarchy impacts the international system

a theory that tries to explain how culture and religious beliefs may impact a citizen’s political affiliation

a theory that highlights the moral restrictions against imprisoning or torturing citizens during a war

a theory that details the impact that a state’s nuclear arsenal has on international trade relations

Question 5 (2.475 points)

A state is petitioning to join the European Union to encourage more foreign direct investment, and so that its exporters may face lower tariffs. Which of the following paradigms focuses on the benefits associated with membership in international organization to understand important international developments?

Question 5 options:

Game theory


Neoliberal Institutionalism


Question 6 (2.475 points)

Which of the following best demonstrates a reason that a state would join the World Trade Organization?

Question 6 options:

to force other countries to trade with them

to provide a means to share their trade preferences with other multinational corporations

to avoid higher tariffs imposed by international organizations

to reduce the transaction costs associated with negotiating trade agreements with other states

Question 7 (0.75 points)

Question 7 options:

________ frequently uses mathematical logic to model the choices and strategic interaction of important international actors.

Question 8 (2.475 points)

Japanese citizens share a common language, culture, and political interests. These characteristics are best described as part of Japanese citizens’ ________ identity.

Question 8 options:





Question 9 (2.475 points)

Which of the following best describes one of the four common assumptions regarding the Realist paradigm?

Question 9 options:

Individual actors possess a clear hierarchy of interests tied to financial well-being.

Multinational firms dictate the distribution of military power across states.

States can rely on international organizations to assist with conflicts that arise with other states.

States are the most important actors in international relations.

Question 10 (2.475 points)

Your friend is a theorist. She is studying how the different interests of political parties that hold majorities in the legislative bodies across states have led to very different foreign trade policies. Your friend is most likely evaluating a theory associated with ________

Question 10 options:


Game theory.

Neoliberal Institutionalism.

Neoclassical Realism.

Question 11 (2.475 points)

Harriet is developing a theory that attempts to show that the buildup of a state’s military negatively impacts trade relationships with neighboring states. Harriet feels confident that the theory is correct and decides to present her findings without examining whether other factors that correlate with changes in military power could also lead to declining trade relations. In this example, Harriet risks the presence of a(n) ________ variable.

Question 11 options:


A) independent



Question 12 (1.5 points)

A defining component of Liberalism is that states are the most important actors in the international system.

Question 12 options:TrueFalse

Question 13 (0.75 points)

Question 13 options:Theories help generate ________ claims in which a restricted set of abstract concepts can be used to explain a wide range of developments in the international system across both time and space. 

Question 14 (2.475 points)

Lucia is studying the economic wealth of countries in relation to their military power. Lucia expects that the greater a country’s military power, the greater its overall wealth will be. Lucia’s expectation is an example of a ________

Question 14 options:





Question 15 (1.5 points)

A defining component of Liberalism is that states are the most important actors in the international system.

Question 15 options:TrueFalse

Question 16 (0.75 points)

Question 16 options:

A theory associated with ________ may examine how NATO helped facilitate a peaceful end to the Cold War by encouraging Soviet concessions in negotiations over the reunification of West and East Germany in 1990.

Question 17 (2.475 points)

Imagine a theory that explains why the United States cooperates more with other democratic states in the coordination and implementation of counterterrorism policies. With which of the following paradigms is this theory most likely associated?

Question 17 options:



Neoliberal Institutionalism

Neoclassical Realism

Question 18 (1.5 points)

) Normative theories raise and answer questions about what the world should be like.

Question 18 options:TrueFalse

Question 19 (0.75 points)

Question 19 options:People within a common ethnic group share a(n) ________ that helps distinguish them from people in other social groups.

Question 20 (2.475 points)

The belief that a company like Microsoft would choose to enter a new market based on the potential to reach new customers and earn additional income would be best classified as a ________ theory.

Question 20 options:





Question 21 (2.475 points)

State leaders are in the midst of a conflict over resources located near a disputed border with another country. The leaders believe there are three potential outcomes to the conflict: declaring war on the other state, continuing to negotiate a mutually agreeable outcome, or conceding the dispute to the other state. The leaders open discussions as they work to evaluate the likely costs and benefits associated with each outcome. The final ranking of these outcomes can be best described as a state’s ________

Question 21 options:





Question 22 (1.5 points)

The existence of a causal relationship between two variables depends on the validity of the confounding variable.

Question 22 options:TrueFalse

Question 23 (2.475 points)

When evaluating a theory, it is essential to do which of the following?

Question 23 options:

generate a confounding variable to use when testing the theory

identify all assumptions incorporated into the theory, including those that are not noted in the description.

eliminate any causal mechanisms that may influence the theory

remove any references to subjective matter, like values or ethical principles, from the theory

Question 24 (2.475 points)

The United States has a vastly different relationship with the United Kingdom than with North Korea. Although the United Kingdom has a nuclear arsenal, shared cultural and alliance ties help sustain a cooperative relationship with the United States. North Korea has an adversarial relationship with the United States that has worsened as North Korea has strengthened its nuclear weapons program. ________ theories try to determine how norms, collective identity, and culture have led to these different relationships.

Question 24 options:





Question 25 (0.75 points)

Question 25 options:

The propositions generated by a theory are referred to as ________.Hypothesis

Question 26 (0.75 points)

Question 26 options:Realism is a ________ approach, focusing on how strategic interaction among international actors and structural constraints impacts goal-directed behavior.

Question 27 (2.475 points)

To explain the peaceful end of the Cold War, a theory associated with Realism might focus on which of the following?

Question 27 options:

the role of NATO in encouraging Soviet concessions

the surrendering of Soviet influence in the Baltic states 

the decline of Soviet military and political power

Soviet political and economic reforms

Question 28 (2.475 points)

________ focuses on how anarchy and the distribution of power among great powers constrain the choices of other states within the international system.

Question 28 options:

Game theory

Neoliberal Institutionalism



Question 29 (2.475 points)

Suppose a theory is developed that tries to explain how changes to immigration policy directly impact the German economy. Which characteristic or trait of a theory might enable researchers to use this same theory to explain economic changes in other countries?

Question 29 options:

a confounding condition

its ability to generalize

its counterfactual condition

its hypothesis

Question 30 (2.475 points)

Consider a theory that attempts to explain a state’s likelihood of trying to acquire nuclear weapons as being tied to their fear of attack from an enemy state. In this example, the fear of attack from an enemy state is best described as a(n) ________ variable.

Question 30 options: 





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