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Nursing Profession in The Healthcare Framework Discussion Responses

Nursing Profession in The Healthcare Framework Discussion Responses


Need a discussion post in reply to both posts below:

Post #1: 

The  nursing profession plays a vital role in the entire healthcare delivery  system. Its dynamicity makes it incomparable to other disciplines. Over  the years, we have witnessed the rapid evolution of the nursing  profession. Decades ago, nurses were seen as assistants to the doctors.  In some places, the nursing profession was confined only to the  essential tasks of the patient’s treatment plan, e.g., medication  administration, hygienic care, and documentation. Hence, nursing was a  profession dependent on other medical-related disciplines. But, through  the dedication and efforts made by the nursing leaders and movers, the  nursing profession is now viewed differently. Nowadays, the general  public looks at the nursing profession as a specialty or as an  independent profession. For example, an advanced practice registered  nurse is considered by many as an alternative to a medical doctor.  Academically speaking, it is evident that by no means it is equal.  Nursing leaders, researchers, policymakers, specialists, clinicians, and  the academe should have the credits. Nursing has transformed into a  broad and more complex profession through its initiatives. The nursing  profession has grown significantly in every aspect; nurses have a say  whether it may be in rural communities, in large hospital settings, in  the academe, in the financial industry, or in the political arena.  Unsurprisingly, the nursing profession is involved in every way. It is  because nursing is life. The profession’s foundation is to provide care  from womb to tomb. Indeed, it is a formidable force. It is important to  note that the number of registered nurses is constantly growing. The  total number of nurses in the United States alone is over 4 million.  Yet, more is needed to meet the healthcare needs of the entire  population. And within this inadequacy comes challenges to the health  care delivery system. It is undeniable that the nursing profession is  also facing a lot of challenges. Overwork, patient overload, abuse in  different forms, disparity, prejudice, etc., are some of the issues  nurses are dealing with. These are issues that require immediate  intervention. The future of nursing is dynamic and evolving. It is also  essential to consider that, aside from focusing on enhancing and  promoting nursing specialties, nursing leaders should be more involved  in policy and decision-making at the state and national levels. This act  will empower nurses to be more proactive. In conclusion, nursing is not  just a profession but a force with a united voice!

Post #2: 

The  2010 Institute of Medicine (IOM) report “The Future of Nursing: Leading  Change, Advancing Health” has had a significant influence on the  function of the Advanced Practice Nurse (APN), notably in the area of  leadership. The report acknowledged that nurse practitioners (NPs) and  other APNs might be essential in changing healthcare delivery systems (Grace et al., 2022). This  focus on leadership opened the door for NPs to have more freedom and  power, allowing them to use their knowledge and training to the fullest.  In many jurisdictions, nurse practitioners have been given more freedom  and autonomy to diagnose, treat, and prescribe drugs independently.  This has improved patient access to treatment, particularly in  impoverished areas.

The  report’s recommendation that nurse practitioners assume leadership  positions paved the way for their incorporation into several healthcare  settings, including primary care offices and specialty clinics. This  integration improved patient access and healthcare delivery’s general  standard and effectiveness. The nurse practitioner education made major  revisions due to the report’s recommendations, adding leadership-focused  material to the curriculum. Because of this change in educational  focus, nurse practitioners are now more equipped to succeed as leaders  in the healthcare industry and clinical providers (Campaign for Action,  2018).

The  report’s acknowledgment of nurse practitioners as clinical leaders  encouraged lobbying for regulatory adjustments. To encourage an expanded  scope of practice, better reimbursement practices, and more  acknowledgment of nurse practitioners as vital members of healthcare  teams, nurse practitioner groups, and nursing associations fought to  influence legislative choices. This activism and the influence of the  report gave nurse practitioners the confidence to get involved in  research, efforts for evidence-based practice, and novel healthcare  ideas. The IOM report has changed the role of the APN, establishing  nurse practitioners as leaders who promote improvement in the healthcare  sector’s clinical, educational, research, and policy sectors (Grace et al., 2022).

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