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NU Psychology Multicultural Couple with Communication Issues Essay

NU Psychology Multicultural Couple with Communication Issues Essay


Construct a plan of action with four different case scenarios (relationship therapy scenarios) that you create. These four scenarios should represent the breadth of information covered in this course and should represent diverse populations and attributes. These four scenarios will be discussed, meeting the criteria below, in a paper format.

For each scenario, you will begin with a background of the case. Please feel free to use a bulleted list for these descriptors rather than a narrative form. This is an abbreviated case conceptualization and should include the following variables:

  • Identify who is in the relationship. (Who will be coming to therapy?)
  • Indicate each partner’s identities – this could include race, culture, background, sexual orientation, nationality, gender, age, education, socio-economic background, etc. (Note: Please be diverse in your creation of scenarios, scenarios should represent diversity in relationships.)
  • Explain the primary reason the partners are seeking relationship therapy (the presenting problem).
  • Identify any noticeable challenges other than the presenting problem that the couple might be facing (e.g., maybe there is violence in their past, maybe there is substance abuse, maybe the couple isn’t comfortable talking about their feelings).

After the case conceptualization, you will consider the direction of the case and how you might approach it. Be sure to include the following:

  • How will you (systemically) define the presenting problem and any other challenges the partners are experiencing?
  • What theory and/or approach would you use to talk with these clients?
    • Discuss why this approach is fitting?
    • According to this approach, what would be the goal of therapy?
    • Explain what this would look like? (e.g., what techniques you might apply)
  • Would you integrate any other approach or theory?
  • Consider the clients’ uniqueness (e.g., areas that they are marginalized, things about them that differ from yours), and how you would approach these differences.

Self-of-the-therapist – As you think about this case and your direction, consider the following:

  • Situating yourself and your own context of relationships, can you see any biases or blind spots that you might have working with this case?
    • If so, what are these, and how do you feel you can overcome these?
  • What strengths do you have that you feel you would bring to this case?
  • What challenges do you think you would have in working with this case? 


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