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NSG 498 UOPX EBP Search Strategy Discussion

NSG 498 UOPX EBP Search Strategy Discussion


Reply to at least two of your classmates. Be constructive and professional in your responses. Minimum of 120 words per reply and one APA reference. 

Response 1 

What are some of the key components of creating an effective search strategy?

Nursing is an evidence-based practice (EBP), and reviewing scientific research is a skill that nurses must master (Herrstrom et al., 2020). The first step is to understand the purpose of your study. What is the research question you want to answer? Next is the search for scientific research to assist in answering that question. Databases are searched using words, phrases, and parameters. Databases such as the Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Record (CINAHL), PubMed, and Ovid MEDLINE are controlled vocabulary. This means they connect “natural language terms used by a searcher to an index of preferred subject terms” (Friberg, 2019, p. 541).

Use of the Boolean operators AND OR expands search results. Use of the operator AND combines results for search terms. This will reduce the number of results and refine your search. Using OR will increase your results as more results will be found. For instance, I looked for studies on bedside reports and improved patient satisfaction. I did not use the OR operator because I required articles that had both aspects. 

Filters are a vital component of an effective search strategy also. You can use filters to find peer-reviewed articles only, limit the date the article was published, and specify what types of articles you want to see. Finding peer-reviewed sources ensures that your articles are from scholarly sources (Friberg, 2019). When searching for articles, you want to ensure you are using the most recent research. Limiting your search to articles published within the last three to five years provides those recent results. Filters also help to narrow down the type of article that is retrieved. When searching, you can specify that your results only include “publication types such as systematic reviews or randomized controlled trials” (Friberg, 2019, p. 542).

BSN nursing students should have instruction in effective search strategies. Our first class, NSG/302, had valuable education for us to use during this program. As nurses practice EBP in their careers, they will hone their skills for effective searches when looking for research articles.


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Herrstrom, K., Larsson, S., Einberg, E.-L., Nilsson, M., Blomqvist, K., & Garmy, P. (2020). Assessment of Search Strategies in Literature-Review-Based Candidate Theses Within a Nursing Program. Advances in Medical Education and Practice, 11, 71.

response 2 

Evident-based practice is integrated research within expertise and patient circumstances. Circumstances and value in delivering safe, cost-effective care along with the quality of care towards health care area.(Grove & Gray, 2019,p 426). Continue with evident based practices. Experience and expertise have value for nurses, from problem-solving approaches to critical thinking to clinical decisions making in health care and helping with scientific evidence with our patients. (Newhouse et al., 2007, p.3; Friberg, 2017, p.229).E

  Evidence – Base Practice improves patient outcomes and focuses on outcomes and more relevant data collected for nursing excellence with our patients, improving the practice in health care.(Friberg,2017, p.229). Again, personal and expertise throughout the years and updated evident based practice challenging, comprehensively integrity the evidence within the patient’s preference and values.(Friberg, 2017, p.229). With personal expertise. This helps with clarifying challenges as nurses for the best information, helping with up-to-date knowledge in database structuring, to help nurses and practitioners achieve guidelines in collaboration with team members; While tailoring, Interventional care strategies are Integrated into the patient’s care.

   Key components of creating an effective search strategy aren’t managing the most reliable search areas; for example, the National Library of Medicine, and Medline Plus, are the most reliable sources of health care, important containing multiple health topics. (Friberg,2017, p. 234). Other good help information requiring formats of the Internet database and search such as Google Scholar, Britannica, Communitive Index of Nursing and Allied Health Literature(CIHAHL), Medline and Pub Med, National Library of Medicine Cochrane Library. Furthermore, online journals with evidence-based practice tools help with guidance and clinical practice. (Melnyk & Fineout-Overholt; Sackel,(2000), Poe. et al., 2010.(Friberg,2019, p.332).

   Cochrane Library Provides high-quality evidence for those providing and receiving healthcare. And those in. indicated in research, teaching, and health care administration at all levels. The National Library of Health ( NLH) in the United Kingdom provides high-quality searchable evidence-based sources. (Grove & Gray, 2019,p.331).

   Experimental observations, some are simple, and others are complex, and this is a controlled study. (Grove & Gray, 2019,p.218). Experimental observations are tightly controlled in intervention and safety settings, resulting in fewer threats due to design vitality research-controlled settings. (Grove & Gray, 2019,p.219). 

Non-experimental is descriptive and correlation designs focus on variables naturally, how they are occurring in an environment and not. On implementation of treatment by research. (Grove & Gray, 2019,p.416). The benefits of non-experimental are not in one group but naturally occurring where experimental observation is in a closed, controlled environment and can control the conditions. (Grove & Gray, 2019,p.412).

   This collected research will hopefully decrease surgical site infection and improve the quality of care within our community of the 222-bed hospital. As a nurse leader practicing critical appraisals, identify strengths and weaknesses, and evaluate the critical appraisal guidelines to improve the quality of care. Improving new multidisciplinary support by the evidence found of the transitional care of identifying the gaps needed to transition into a decreased cost of wound care end overt staying due to the wound. And continuing with our ESR programs with monthly surgical committee meetings, quarterly meetings with stakeholders and leadership, and reports sharing throughout the improvements associated with these surgical sites, infection, and the collaboration between all the healthcare involved, from the beginning of orders written for surgeries to after the rehabilitation and recovery of our patient. 


Friberg, E.(2019). Conceptual

Foundations: The Bridge to Professional 

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UnderstandingNursing.Research: Building 

an Evidence-Based Practice 

(7th ed.)Elsevier/Saunders.

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