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MUP Psychology Substance Use & Abuse Differences Discussion

MUP Psychology Substance Use & Abuse Differences Discussion


“Substance Use or Abuse”

Let’s consider: Alcohol has become a big problem on many campuses today as well as within many homes.

Our text asks, “How many people do you know who regularly use some kind of drug?” (p. 246). Think about that question. Many of us take prescription medications. Many of us drink caffeine on a daily basis.

  • Should that be considered? Be sure to read pages 246-268 in your text for this week‘s discussion. Notice the Sam Spady Story in Box 9.1 on page 252. Click on the highlighted link in order to read more about her case.
  • Consider whether or not you believe that Sam’s death could have been prevented? If so, how?Let’s discuss: In your initial post discuss some of these questions:
  • What is the difference in substance abuse and substance use?
  • What is substance intoxication? If a person comes home after a long week at work, has two or three drinks containing alcohol such as a margarita and falls asleep on the couch, does that person have a mental disorder? (See page 245).
  • How do we know when someone is “using” versus “abusing” alcohol or drugs?
  • Have you ever engaged in binge drinking or other risky behavior that you feel free to discuss?
  • Do you think substance abuse has more to do with biological, personal, familial, or other factors? Why?
  • In addition to using your textbook, find an article on this week‘s topic of substance use and abuse, and cite the facts you find in support of your answer. 

Rebecka Chavez

When it comes to using substances, such as drugs and alcohol, the words use, abuse, and addiction are frequently used and may be used by people interchangeably. Consumption of a substance is considered substance use and may not become a problem or lead to substance abuse (Crozer 2017). Substance abuse is when some continues to use a substance even though problems arise when doing so (Crozer, 2017). A persone that is addicted to a substance or has substance dependency, is unable to quit a substance and will go through physical withdrawl symptoms (Crozer, 2017). I do not beleive that a person that comes home from work and has a few drinks to umwind, necessarily has a mental disorder. Sometimes a person’s job or day may be sressful and a drink every once and awhile might just help them relax. I think it becomes an issue or maybe a sign of a mental disorder, when a person can not go without using substances and has issue or troubles in their lives because of their substance use. Substance abuse is a mental disorder but is treatable (NIMH, 2023). I beleive many things can lead to a substance addiction. Mental health disorders, troubles with family, friends or jobs, socioeconomic issues, etc. I do not necessarily believe addiction is genetic. My dad was a alcoholic most of my life, and if it were not for him being too sick to drink now, he still would be. I mean, he still is and he even considers himself one, but his pancreas is too bad and it hurts him to drink now. His alcoholism caused him his second marriage and almost cost him his third. He substance abuse caused him to do and say things that parents should not do. I can remeber instances where he would say things that would make all us kids cry. For instance once he claimed he had made homemade bombs and was going to blow us all up because my mom was leaving him. Another instance, he brought all us kids into my brother’s room and cut his face and arms in front of us and stated our mother thought he was ugly so he was going to make himself ugly. I was also in an abusive relationship with a guy that had a substance addiction problem. His started with pain pills. He would get them from people from his job, then he got them from a pain specilaist and figured out a way to call them into the pharmacy himself, which actually got him arrested. He was only given probation for that. He then got into using cocaine. During our te year relationship, he was most verbally, mentally and emotionally abusive but he aslo would get physical. There were times I honestly thought he was about to kill me. I too, had substance abuse issues. I was not addicted and did not use my substance all the time, but when I did use it I would always over do it. My substance was alcohol and I started drinking at the age of thirteen. This alchol use was extreme and I would pasrticipate in other illegal and dangerous situations. I used alcohol as a way to let loose, to fit in, to escape my life, etc. 

Gavin Mcclellan

Hello Class! I found this week‘s topic to be very interesting and I learned some things while completing the research portion of this assignment. After reading more about Sam’s Story, I think that her death could have been prevented. I believe that college-age adults should be educated on the life-threatening consequences that can come from binge drinking. I think that Colorado State University has done a great job since the incident, of providing education about alcohol consumption.

  • What is the difference between substance abuse and substance use?
    • Substance abuse is when an individual uses a substance repeatedly and recurring problems are observable (Kearney & Trull, 2016).
    • Substance use is when an individual uses any given substance without frequent occurrence (Kearney & Trull, 2016).
  • What is substance intoxication? If a person comes home after a long week at work, has two or three drinks containing alcohol such as a margarita, and falls asleep on the couch, does that person have a mental disorder? (See page 245).
    • This person would not be considered to have a mental disorder. This habit could potentially turn into a disorder if persistent alcohol use hindered the individual’s daily life.
  • Have you ever engaged in binge drinking or other risky behavior that you feel free to discuss?
    • I have engaged in binge drinking. When my wife and I first got married, we both had a lot going on. I was working full time, doing school full time, and trying to maintain a relationship. I was diagnosed with bipolar when I was 15 years old. On more than one occasion, I would let my feelings get the best of me and allow for alcohol to take over to numb what I was feeling.
  • According to an article titled “Bipolar Disorder and Comorbid Use of Illicit Substances”, Bipolar disorder has the second-highest rate of substance use disorder as a co-morbidity compared to any other major psychiatric disorder. Number one is antisocial personality disorder (Preuss et al., 2021). 

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