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MSW 530 How Research Studies Inform Social Work Practice Discussion

MSW 530 How Research Studies Inform Social Work Practice Discussion


Initial Response


Now that you have taken almost a full semester of research and have an understanding of how research studies inform social work practice, describe how you will stay informed and current in your knowledge after you graduate.

How will you become aware of new information in the field?

What are your thoughts on professional development when you are out of graduate school.

  • Are there any journals you can subscribe to or conferences you plan to attend? 
  • Your initial response is due by Wednesday at 11:59 pm CT.
  • Estimated time to complete: 2 hours

Peer Response


Please read and respond to at least two of your peers’ initial postings. You may want to consider the following questions in your responses to your peers:

Compare and contrast your initial posting with those of your peers.  

How are they similar or how are they different?

What information can you add that would help support the responses of your peers?

  • Ask your peers a question for clarification about their post.
  • What most interests you about their responses? 


Exploration and active engagement remain focal points throughout my academic and professional pursuits. Navigating the field of social work requires a willingness to learn from diverse sources and participate in collaborative settings. Learning from experienced peers will expose me to innovative concepts and contemporary advancements. Besides, my foundation is built through scholarly engagement with evolving trends, theories, and methodologies. Using reputable online resources further complements my exploration and continuous learning efforts.

For a thriving career after completing my education, it is essential to view professional development as an integral component of skill refinement and personal growth. Canda et al. (2019) accentuate this belief, and I strongly agree. To achieve this, one must focus on skill development, broadening knowledge, and keeping abreast of the latest innovations in the field. It also leads to self-realization, as acquiring new abilities marks important milestones, evoking a genuine sense of accomplishment.

Simutaneously, my strategy encompasses an active subscription to pertinent scholarly periodicals in social work. Esteemed journals such as the “Journal of Social Work,” “Social Work Research,” and “Social Work Research and Abstracts” are poised to facilitate access to meticulously scrutinized research articles and empirical studies. This sustained engagement mode will serve as a conduit for the continuous assimilation of contemporary research findings and methodological refinements.

Participation in distinguished professional associations such as the IFSW and NASW, along with attendance at noteworthy gatherings like the International Conference on Social Work and Social Development, and the CSWE meetings, have yielded a profusion of avenues for professional growth in social work. These occasions will provide me with platforms for extracting insights from diverse vantage points on pioneering research and optimal practices. Workshops, networking sessions, and webinars during these events will allow exposure to innovative techniques, strategies, and approaches germane to social work. My involvement in these proceedings will further be enriched through substantive dialogues with authoritative luminaries, erudite scholars, and seasoned practitioners deeply enmeshed in the discipline.


Canda, E. R., Furman, L. D., & Canda, H. J. (2019). Spiritual diversity in social work practice: The heart of helping. Oxford University Press, USA.

Heather Gilvary-Hamad“>Heather Gilvary-Hamad

Heather Gilvary-HamadWednesdayAug 16 at 10:06pm

Manage Discussion Entry“>Manage Discussion Entry

One thing I have learned about continuing education is it never ends. It also helps to utilize a variety of sources and always keep an open mind to new sources of information and connections. First of all, as long as I am at Herzing, I will retain access to our library. In that way, I will have a wealth of information, just a click away.

I love the opportunities afforded by conferences to make connections that build on both knowledge and connections. I have plans to attend the NASW- Wisconsin chapter conference in October 2023. I anticipate this will continue after graduation. During this practicum, I have also participated in an annual conference for Muslim Mental Health in Lansing, Michigan. I have plans to attend a local Muslim Mental Health conference in Wisconsin next month. Another organization I have maintained contact with after presenting at their Global Congress is the Society for Intercultural Education Training and Research (SIETAR). This organization would remain relevant for Competency 2 and potentially for research methods.

At this point in time, I have no difficulty envisioning myself continuing my education through professional development opportunities. I always make certain when interviewing to ask the support for professional development. However, at this time, it is hard to be specific with other sources until I have a more clear idea of what type of social work I will be participating in.


Muslim Mental Health Consortium. 2023. 15th Annual Muslim Mental Health Conference.

15th Annual Muslim Mental Health Conference (2023) | Muslim Mental Health Consortium (


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