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Mohawk College Client Side Web Programming Worksheet

Mohawk College Client Side Web Programming Worksheet


1. Practice responding to events through JavaScript DOM manipulation.
2. Practice retrieving data from remote systems using AJAX.
3. Processing JSON encoded data retrieved from a remote system and displaying it using JavaScript
DOM manipulation.
For the required AJAX call, the use of jQuery or XMLHttpRequest objects is not permitted, please use the
fetch() method as demonstrated in notes and class.

In this assignment we will simulate the kind of processing you will do next semester when you retrieve
records from databases using PHP. From our point of view, we don’t care how the JSON string was
created, we only need to work with it once it arrives in our clientside system.
We haven’t done an exact example of this together, but it has a lot in common with printing variables
from an array in a loop that we did in first semester. What does “<td>Hello</td>” mean? Nothing in a
Python program, and not much to JavaScript either, it’s a string. When it becomes part of the DOM, the
browser turns it into a cell in a table. This is the idea we’ve discussed a few times: syntax versus
semantics the structure versus the meaning.
You are going to be doing exactly that: turning a string into HTML. Except where noted you may create
empty HTML elements and change the innerHTML to achieve your goals but top marks are reserved for
using CreateElement and manipulating the DOM directly. You may still need to modify attributes on
those elements, those details are up to your ingenuity.
Create a page with 3 buttons labelled “First”, “Second”, “Third”, and an input element on it. You can pick
the type of input element you feel best solves the problem.
When any button is pressed you will be sending an AJAX request to

below you will find the details of
what each request should do. To work correctly with CSUNIX the request must originate on CSUNIX. If
you try to test your work from your local computer you will see a CORS error, a cross site scripting error,
will happen. To develop your solution, I suggest putting the URLs for GET requests into your browers
URL bar and putting the returned strings into a variable. This way you can test your code without
uploading it. For the POST request you can use a similar technique or simply test immediately on
When the first button is pressed send the AJAX request with no parameters. You should expect the
response to be text. Create a h1 element with this text and your student number. Make the text
centered in a container that fits across the entire width of the page.

When the second button is pressed send an AJAX request along with the value of the input element as a
GET parameter named choice. The valid values allowed by the server script are “mario” or “starwars”.
For example:…?choice=mario You
should expect the response to a JSON string. The string will encode an array of objects. You will receive
at least 1 and at most 3 elements in the array. For each element in the JSON array create a div to hold
the content. Each attribute of the object will be a string, to keep things simple: a name, a url, and a
series. At the top of the div put the series string in an h2 tag inside the div. Below that show the image
that is linked in the url. Finally, below that put the name. The divs should fill 100% of the width of the
screen: if there are 2 elements then the divs will be 50% each, if there’s 3, 33% each. Be warned you
may have to provide height and width parameters to force the images to resize. Do not leave a blank
div, fill the entire area. It should resemble (but does not have to be the same as) these examples:

When the third button is pressed send an AJAX request with the value of the input element as a POST
parameter. The valid values allowed by the server script are “mario” or “star wars”. You should expect
the response to be a JSON string. The string will encode an array of objects. You will receive at least 1
and at most 15 elements. Put the elements returned in a table below the pictures, each object
containing the values for 1 row. The table tag may be hard coded in your html, but the table rows and
cells may not be hard coded and must be dynamically generated by your JavaScript code.
Below the table there should be a copyright notice that matches the content.
Place an appropriate copyright notice below the images depending on whether the input was for Star
Wars or for Mario.

The copyright notice for “mario” content is:
Game trademarks and copyrights are properties of their respective owners. Nintendo properties are trademarks of Nintendo.
© 2019 Nintendo.
The copyright notice for “starwars” is:
Star Wars © & TM 2022 Lucasfilm Ltd. All rights reserved. Visual material © 2022 Electronic Arts Inc.

NOTES: that there is no guarantee the user will not change the input between button presses, so how
will you make the two pieces of content match one another? To simplify the overall situation, you may
choose to disable the input tag once one of the 2nd or 3rd buttons is pressed to avoid tracking state and
managing a more complicated situation.
The use of Bootstrap to make things look nicer is recommended, indeed, you might find it simplifies the
layout dramatically.
Responsive design is not required for this assignment but is always welcome.

NOTE: Please make separate HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files and make sure it is written by you and not by any AI tool. Make sure the code should run without any errors or bugs with the required output. Moreover, I have sent 2 screenshots for your reference. Thank You!

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