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MN 502 PUG Embracing the Human Caring Dimension Discussion Responses

MN 502 PUG Embracing the Human Caring Dimension Discussion Responses


I need a response to each comment:

Xiomara:the nursing theory course has had a profound impact on my nursing worldview. Earlier, my nursing philosophy viewed nurses as professionals who ensured patients followed every necessary treatment process. My worldview was that nursing is a practice that ensures patients take their medication promptly and receive the best care services for a faster healing process. However, Jean Watson’s theory of human caring has expanded my worldview of nursing beyond just a practice (Watson, 2008). The theory of human caring emphasizes the importance of the nurse-patient relationship as a primary factor in the treatment process (Orem, 2001). Furthermore, I have learned that nurses are not only professionals responsible for patient care but also significant parties that help patients overcome their challenges by forming healthy relationships characterized by empathy and compassion. My worldview has changed positively, and I now acknowledge nurses’ valuable role when they show patients empathy and compassion (Boykin & Schoenhofer, 2001). On the same note, my philosophy now perceives the nurse-patient relationship as a valuable factor in involving patients in their care as it allows the parties to share information and suggestions on care delivery.

     In addition, the theory of cultural care diversity and the university has expanded my worldview of nursing. The theory emphasizes the importance of cultural sensitivity among nurses as they interact with patients and provide quality care services. The nursing theory course has enabled me to approach nursing as a culturally sensitive practice that respects, recognizes, and acknowledges patients’ cultural values and principles (Leininger,1991). Nurses must practice fairness and equality in their interaction with patients to avoid discrimination or bias that may impede the delivery of quality care service (Benner, 1984). Also, the nursing theory course has enabled me to view nursing as a driver toward patient-centered care, where nurses focus on individual patient needs, including their culture and treatment preferences.

Stephay:At some stage in the nursing theory course, my worldview and nursing

philosophy have undergone a transformative journey. As a nurse, my primary

objective has usually been providing first-class viable patient care. However,

this direction has provided me with a more profound knowledge of the

technology behind nursing and the moral concerns underpinning our exercise.

First and foremost, the course has strengthened the importance of evidence-

based practice in nursing. Learning about diverse nursing theories and their

application in real-global situations has enabled me to make more

knowledgeable and evidence-driven decisions. By incorporating theoretical

frameworks into my exercise, I can better analyze patient desires, implement

appropriate interventions, and efficiently evaluate effects.

Moreover, the course has encouraged me to critically replicate my values and

beliefs. As a nurse, I often stumble upon situations in which our private ethics

may clash with the collective values of the nursing career. Through discussions

and case research, I have learned to navigate these ethical dilemmas with

greater sensitivity and consciousness. I now recognize that the context of every

situation performs a pivotal role in shaping moral decision-making.

Every other pivotal aspect this course has illuminated is the

interconnectedness of nursing ethics and patient-centered care. The emphasis

on respecting the patient’s autonomy, selling beneficence, and upholding

justice has highlighted the critical position of moral standards in fostering

effective patient results (Brown et al., 2021). This newfound understanding has

strengthened my dedication to offering patient-centric care while respecting

their character alternatives and cultural ideals.

Additionally, the nursing theory route has improved my notion of nursing as a

holistic field. The nursing theory goes beyond the realistic elements of patient

care; it encompasses various dimensions, including social, cultural, and

environmental factors that impact fitness results (Mudd et al., 2020). By

embracing this holistic approach, I will better suggest patients’ rights and deal

with the broader determinants of health that impact their well-being.

The course has additionally deepened my appreciation for the importance of

interdisciplinary collaboration in healthcare. Nursing theories regularly

intersect with other disciplines, reinforcing that healthcare is collaborative

(Frisch & Rabinowitsch, 2019). Operating with colleagues from diverse

backgrounds and expertise has not most effectively enriched my understanding

but fostered a more comprehensive method of patient care.

In conclusion, the nursing theory route has been a transformative enjoy that

has formed my worldview and philosophy of nursing. I now method patient

care with a greater proof-primarily based and holistic angle, deliberating the

moral considerations unique to each situation. I am devoted to imparting

patient-centere care that respects their autonomy and values while operating

collaboratively with different healthcare professionals to reap feasible results.

As I improve in my nursing profession, I am obsessed with applying the

knowledge received from this course to raise the level of care introduced to my


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