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Mesolevel Factors Affect Individuals Within Communities Cultural Presentation

Mesolevel Factors Affect Individuals Within Communities Cultural Presentation


The goal of this project is to understand how macro- and mesolevel factors affect individuals within communities, their communication skills as well as their access to quality health services. Macro- and mesolevel factors often seem distant to the clinical relationship, but they are not. This project is intended to assist you in developing the skills necessary to always

include the contextual factors of a client’s and family’s life in clinical decisions that you make.

Find and visit a neighborhood near where you live that is new to you (perhaps you just moved to a new neighborhood). Please do not report on the neighborhood that you grew up in or lived in for more than 6 months. When you visit the

neighborhood, please observe all public health safety protocols related to the COVID-19 pandemic, if applicable. To find out more macro- and mesolevel information about the neighborhood that may not be easily observed, feel free to research information about the neighborhood using reputable sources (e.g., reputable websites of the community and/or community organizations). These websites may help to provide more context for what you observe when you visit and should be cited using the most current edition of APA citation. As you explore the neighborhood, reflect on how this neighborhood is similar and/or different from the one you grew up in or currently reside. What modes of transportation are available in this neighborhood? What global cultures are represented, and how are they represented? What does power look like in this neighborhood (e.g., differences in housing based on socioeconomics)? What is health access like in the neighborhood? Are there places to buy fresh food? These questions are just a sample of what you can report on—please be comprehensive when reporting macro- and mesolevel factors that relate to healthcare and/or global communities.


As you observe these factors, put on your “clinician’s hat” to think about the clinical considerations you will need to make if you were a speech-language pathologist working in healthcare (including early intervention) in this particular neighborhood. Think about the entire clinical encounter, from the time a person engages to make an appointment through clinical assessment, intervention and discharge. Also, think about what it means for you, in the ways you culturally and linguistically identify, to be working in this community. Remember, reporting what you see and what you will do through a

social justice mindset is required.

Slide 1

This slide will have your full name and the city and state of the neighborhood you are presenting. You can also have a photo or a map representing the neighborhood. Please ensure all photos are clear on a PowerPoint slide (i.e., they are not pixelated). Also, as you plan this presentation, ensure that your presentation is no longer than 7 minutes.


Ensure that your slide can be clearly read and that all pictures are also clear (i.e., not blurry). Ensure your presentation is 7 minutes long, which means you should practice your presentation.

Slide 2

This slide is a photo(s) that represents the neighborhood. This/These should be a different picture(s) than the one used in slide 1 (if a picture was used). It can be a photo(s) of the street, a mural in the neighborhood, a farm stand or a school. This is your introduction to your presentation.


Students who earn maximum points for this slide display a photo or photos that captures elements of the neighborhood and tell us why they chose this image. Students who earn maximum points for this slide also explain (in their presentation) why they chose the neighborhood beyond “it is different from where I live”. They also share the biases and -isms they held about this community and its people.

Slide 3

This slide describes the macro- and mesolevel factors that you observed in/researched about the neighborhood.


Students who earn maximum points for this slide present 2 macrolevel and 2 mesolevel factors that are important to note as a clinician in this neighborhood. They review the contextual factors presented from readings and lectures and go beyond the data to describe the impact of contextual factors on the lives of the individuals living in the community. For each factor, they explain why this factor is clinically relevant and needs to be consider as part of a social justice orientation.

Slide 4

This slide presents the clinical considerations you plan to make as an SLP based on what you describe on slide 2. These can be presented as


We know many of you have not yet had in-depth clinical experiences. Therefore, we do not expect you to come up with specific strategies. You will share the following: a) one theoretical framework


questions that you plan to ask yourself or your clients.

other than positivism and one conceptual framework that will guide your clinical decision- making and b) two self-reflective questions for each of the four meso/macrolevel factors you mentioned on slide 3.

Slide 5 This slide will list references used using 1 Students who gain full marks for this slide cite APA 7th Edition. references using APA 7th Edition.

Very important notice! the neighborhood I have chosen is La Jolla in san diego california. Project must be done on that specific location.

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