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MDC OPT and CCCR in Patient Care Discussion

MDC OPT and CCCR in Patient Care Discussion


2 discussion replies and 1 question:

1. Both the OPT and the CCCR have shaped my approach to patient care and coordination in the clinic setting. The OPT model, described as a third-generation nursing process model, has come about as an answer to the evolving nature of patient-centered nursing care. This framework is instrumental in addressing the complexities and challenges associated with coordinating care effectively. The OPT model is designed to provide a structured approach that utilizes standardized nursing terminology, fostering the development of critical and complex thinking skills (Kuiper et al., 2009). It goes beyond the traditional problem-solving process by placing emphasis on outcome specification and clinical judgments (Kuiper et al., 2009). The model guides practitioners to think systemically, acknowledging the intricate dynamics involved in caring for patients and families with diverse healthcare needs (Kuiper et al., 2009).

Similarly, the CCCR model is a pivotal framework in navigating the complexities of care coordination, particularly within a multidisciplinary healthcare team. This model recognizes that differing viewpoints among team members can impact the coordination process (Anef et al., 2016). It underscores the significance of understanding diverse perspectives and values, ultimately enhancing care coordination efforts (Anef et al., 2016). By acknowledging the distinct disciplinary lenses through which clinicians view diagnoses and nursing care issues, the CCCR model empowers advanced practice clinicians to master self-regulating thinking skills (Anef et al., 2016). These skills are essential for effective care coordination, as they facilitate effective communication, collaboration, and alignment of efforts (Anef et al., 2016). 

In my experience applying these models in a clinic setting, the OPT model has guided my approach to patient-centered care coordination. By focusing on outcome specification and clinical judgments, I’ve been able to tailor interventions that align with each patient’s unique needs and goals. The CCCR model has proven invaluable in addressing the intricacies of interdisciplinary collaboration. By understanding and respecting differing viewpoints, I’ve fostered more effective communication among healthcare team members, resulting in enhanced care coordination efforts.

2. The Outcome-present state test (OPT) model and the Care Coordination Clinical Reasoning (CCCR) model were designed to provide a blueprint to outline the systems help organize complex patient/family encounters. The OPT model of critical thinking serves as a framework to help guide decision making through problem solving.  The CCCR model in healthcare offers a framework to help formulate plan of action to support significant, innovative and difficult contemplative thinking required to explain and contrast existing patient and family concerns.  I have utilized both models throughout my nursing experiences within the acute, care management and utilization management roles.  The OPT model is a great framework to follow to ensure that each individual patient/family needs are met.  When caring for diverse populations especially in areas in which patients are underserved, there are often times unique and complex situations in which they require care coordination and added clinical support services to help patients gain the skills required to navigate health management in the least restrictive care setting.  The CCCR model has helped serve as a guide to educate and ensure empathy is consistently practiced.  By doing so, it has shown great outcome of patient empowerment which is helpful in managing one own’s health treatment plan and overcome any barriers that exist.  Clinical reasoning for care coordination has been utilized on many occasions to help teach and apply learning as a guide which offers structure, content and structure. This framework broadens case management efforts by the utilization of OPT clinical reasoning model across levels of perspective to align care coordination activities. According to Seo, et al., (2021), “study showed that the simulation nursing education program using the OPT model was effective for improving clinical reasoning, problem-solving process, self-efficacy, and clinical competency in Korean nursing students.”  On the other hand, this is another example in which such models have been beneficial in achieving success within clinical reasoning, problem solving and clinical competency in the academic setting.

3. How would nursing knowledge and development work through time impact your future APRN role in the clinical setting?

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