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MBA Amax Credit Cards Questions

MBA Amax Credit Cards Questions


Hi good Afternoon its paper Work base on this Draft,


Amax Credit Cards is known for its revolutionary credit card features and innovations. The organization has maintained its industry leadership through innovation by adjusting to customer needs. The report examines how innovation affects customer satisfaction and revenue at Amax Credit Cards. The study will evaluate the company’s waste management, energy efficiency, supply chain management, and corporate social responsibility. The study report will evaluate Amax Credit Cards’ sustainability and social responsibility policies to find ways to reduce its environmental effect, promote social responsibility, and boost financial success.

What is being measured?

This research report examines Amax Credit Cards’ financial services sustainability and social responsibility. The report will investigate the company’s waste management, energy efficiency, supply chain management, and corporate social responsibility.

What is your proposal for measurement?

Amax Credit Cards’ sustainability and social responsibility activities will be assessed using a matrix. The matrix will measure the company’s industry compliance using several metrics. The company’s sustainability and social responsibility initiatives will be measured using financial services industry best practices.

How to know if this is working?

Amax Credit Cards’ performance throughout time can assess its sustainability and social responsibility efforts (Islam et al., 2020). The matrix will measure the company’s sustainability and social responsibility progress. To ensure corporate citizenship, the company’s regulatory compliance will be reviewed.

What next?

This study paper will suggest ways Amax Credit Cards might improve company sustainability and social responsibility. The suggestions will help the corporation reduce its environmental footprint, increase social responsibility, and boost profits.

Waste Management:

The research paper will assess Amax Credit Cards’ waste reduction, recycling, and disposal policies. The matrix will cover trash generation, recycling, landfilling, and waste reduction policies. The research report will assess Amax Credit Cards’ waste management procedures’ environmental effects.

Water Footprint and Carbon Footprint Services:

The research report will analyze Amax Credit Cards’ water and carbon footprint. The matrix will contain water and energy use per employee, renewable energy use, and energy-efficient technology. The research paper will assess Amax Credit Cards’ energy and water management strategies’ effects on the company’s carbon footprint.

Energy Efficiency and Management:

The objective of this research study is to assess the energy consumption trends of Amax Credit Cards, as well as analyze the effectiveness of its energy efficiency and management measures. The matrix will incorporate considerations for energy-efficient lighting, HVAC systems, and the company’s energy use per unit area (Wikhamn, 2019). The present study aims to evaluate the environmental and economic advantages derived from the energy efficiency and management measures implemented by Amax Credit Cards.

Supply chain management (SCM) refers to the strategic coordination and integration of many activities involved in producing, procuring, and distributing goods and services. It encompasses the

This study paper aims to examine the business ethics, supplier diversity, and sourcing procedures of Amax Credit Cards. The matrix will encompass measures of sustainability, supplier variety, and the provision of satisfactory working conditions. The primary objective of this research endeavor is to examine the impact of Amax Credit Cards’ supply chain management practices on corporate citizenship and financial performance.

Assistance with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The study paper aims to comprehensively analyze the philanthropic and corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts undertaken by Amax Credit Cards. Donations, volunteer hours, and other philanthropic endeavors will be documented inside this matrix. The primary objective of this study is to examine the Customer Service (CSR) activities implemented by Amax Credit Cards.

Energy Auditing and Green Building Certification:

The study assesses the effectiveness of Amax Credit Cards’ energy audit and green building certification initiatives. The matrix will assess the criteria of green certification, energy efficiency, and using environmentally friendly building materials. This study examines the impact of Amax Credit Cards’ green building certification and energy auditing programs on environmental and social responsibility.

Support for Sustainable Packaging Solutions:

This study aims to assess the packaging strategies employed by Amax Credit Cards, explicitly focusing on the utilization of recyclable materials and waste reduction measures. The matrix will encompass the evaluation of recycling rates, waste reduction strategies, and implementation of environmentally conscious packaging. This research report aims to analyze the extent of Amax Credit Cards’ dedication to environmental and social responsibility, with a specific focus on sustainable packaging.

Waste Management and Compliance:

This study aims to assess the waste management procedures employed by Amax Credit Cards. The matrix will encompass many criteria, including The evaluation of the company’s adherence to refuse management and rubbish disposal regulations, as discussed by Alshemari et al. (2020). The study aims to assess the environmental and social impacts of Amax Credit Cards’ adherence to waste management regulations.


This report presents a comprehensive overview of the findings derived from an inquiry conducted on Amax Credit Cards’ strategies about recycling, energy conservation, supply chain management, corporate social responsibility, green building certification, energy auditing, environmentally friendly product packaging, and adherence to waste management regulations. The present study investigated the impact of Amax Credit Cards’ sustainability and social responsibility activities on both environmental and social aspects and their influence on the company’s financial performance. This research unveiled the absence of environmental and social awareness within Amax Credit Cards.


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