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LAPC Campus Shooting Precipitates Safety Issues and Legal Action Essay

LAPC Campus Shooting Precipitates Safety Issues and Legal Action Essay


Write a story for the Roundup issue of Thursday Feb. 21. 

Facts are correct but the style may not be accurate.

Write your story on a word file 

You receive the following police report on Tuesday, February 19 from Officer Karol Jonson:

On February 19, Barrie Schulz, an Assistant Professor of History at Pierce College, was shot in Village Classroom 8801 at approximately 12 p.m. noon, a minute after the class he was teaching, History 205, let out. Paramedics, who arrived within ten minutes, said he was shot twice, once in the leg and once in a shoulder. He was in shock and was taken to Woodland Hills Memorial Hospital where he was admitted.

A student in the History class, Kim Weiland, informed Officer Jonson that she saw the shooting, and that it was a former student, Lorraine Hansen, who was removed from the class a few weeks earlier for continual outbursts. “She kept screaming about the government, like she was deranged,” Weiland said. Two other students were standing 100 feet away and said they weren’t sure if it was Hansen, but that it was a woman who appeared to be white with blonde hair.

At 1:20 p.m., Lorraine Hansen was spotted near the Freudian Sip Café by officer Jonson. She approached her, searched her and found a 35 millimeter revolver in her backpack, with two empty bullet chambers. Hansen said she didn’t shoot the professor, and that she saw a blonde woman drop the gun near the gymnasium and she was on her way to turn it in to campus security.

Hansen was arrested on suspicion of attempted manslaughter and taken to the Woodland Hills police.

The gun was identified as registered to a woman named Lillie Robinson. She reported it stolen from her Los Angeles apartment on February 10.

Bail was set for Hansen Feb. 20 at $100,000.

end of report

You interview students from the History class on Feb. 20. Several students who asked not to be identified called Hansen “crazy,” while others said she swore to “get even with Schulz” for kicking her out of class. Student Evan Hendersen, speaking on the record, said, “She has a history of violence. I know her from high school and she must have been suspended 10 times.”

On Feb. 20 you interview the Chair of the History Department, Lisa Fung, who said, “I’ve met Ms. Hansen. She spoke to me last week about being removed from class, but she said it was OK and that she would take another class. She didn’t seem upset.”

On Feb. 20 you interview Hansen’s attorney, Ronald Weiss. He said that Hansen had given a description of the woman she saw drop the gun and that this is a case of mistaken identity. He also tells you that Hansen is 19 years old. She is in her second semester at Pierce. She lives in Topanga by herself and that she also works nights at a Taco Bell in North Hollywood.

Schulz released a statement Feb. 20 from the hospital saying he didn’t see the shooter.

The hospital reports that Schulz is in stable condition and is expected to be released February 25. Schulz is single, was born in Germany and has taught at Pierce for 4 years.

On Feb. 19, speaking to a publicist for Campus Police, you are told this is the third shooting on Campus in the last few years years. In 2005 a janitor was shot in the foot by a student during an altercation. In 2004, the Freudian Sip was robbed and the cashier was shot, but the bullet only grazed her arm.

On Feb. 20 the school President, Robert Garber, issued a statement that read, “Pierce College will take active measures to make sure our students and faculty are safe. We are looking into putting metal detectors at every building and having campus security check cars upon entry. We will have more officers patrolling the common areas beginning this week. If you have any knowledge of a student carrying a weapon, please inform my office.”

You research and find a U.S. government report dated October 2015 that finds college shootings are up 20% from 2006.

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