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JJCCJ Criminal Justice Violence and Culture Discussion

JJCCJ Criminal Justice Violence and Culture Discussion


Read the material (the file named “Theory of Violence1”). 

Read it, summarize it and make a comment. What kind of comment? It is up to you. You should try to state your opinion about what are the main point of the text, making a quotation from it in order to prove your point. If you have no idea of what to say, you can try the following strategy; you could try to answer one of the following questions: What were your thoughts on the subject before reading and how have they changed? What conclusions can be drawn from the reading? How do these issues advance your understanding of Culture and Crime? I would like you not only to read the materials, but also to compare what you have learned with your personal experience – if you live in NY, I am pretty sure you have plenty of things to talk about. The second thing you should do is the following: reply to other TWO threads, trying to make a substantial comment (comments like “cool!”, “I agree” etc. don’t count). 

Simranpreet Kaur 

The text “Theory of Violence 1” investigates the complex nature of violence while concentrating on its theoretical foundations. It starts by exploring the idea of violence as a social phenomena and the numerous theories that attempt to account for its causes and manifestations. The author highlights the significance of comprehending violence as a dynamic interaction of elements rather than a single, unified phenomenon. The importance of socialization in influencing violent conduct is one of the major topics covered in the work. Echoing the ideas of social learning theory, it emphasizes how people might acquire aggressive tendencies through imitation and observation. The text also discusses the importance of structural violence, highlighting how systemic injustices and differences in access to resources can unintentionally encourage violence. The relationship between violence and culture is also explored in the text. It implies that cultural values and norms are crucial in determining how people view violence. As an illustration, societies that place a high priority on non-violent conflict resolution techniques typically have lower rates of interpersonal violence.

The text’s analysis of violence as a multifaceted phenomenon fits with how I already approach the subject. Since there are many contributing variables to violence, it is important to research it from a multidisciplinary point of view. There is one statement that stands out in particular, “Cultures that prioritize non-violent conflict resolution mechanisms tend to have lower rates of interpersonal violence.” This claim demonstrates how much culture influences the prevalence of violence. It highlights the necessity for interventions and regulations that encourage cultural transformations toward nonviolent conflict resolution techniques, as these measures may help to reduce violence in a society. In conclusion, the interpretation supports the notion that there is no single cause of violence, rather, it arises from the interaction of a number of elements, including those related to the individual, society, and culture. It deepens my understanding of culture and crime by highlighting the importance of taking cultural norms and beliefs into account when handling issues involving violence. It also emphasizes the significance of taking a holistic approach to violence prevention, one that considers the various range of theories and elements covered in the work.

The idea of structural violence is also demonstrated by New York City. The severe economic disparities in the city, which are seen in areas like the Bronx and Manhattan, can be seen every day. By seeing these disparities, one can more clearly comprehend how systemic elements like poverty and a lack of resources lead to violence. It is clear that areas with less access to economic opportunity frequently have higher levels of violence. Living in a city as vibrant and varied as New York offers a wealth of opportunities to integrate theoretical ideas about violence with actual experiences. It enables a more thorough investigation of how culture, structural elements, and social dynamics affect violence in a complex metropolitan setting. I can learn a lot about the theories of violence and their practical applications in a real-world setting by contrasting what I’ve learned from the books with my own experiences in New York.

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