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Innovations Design Academy White & Bule Sky Airport Houston TX Case Study

Innovations Design Academy White & Bule Sky Airport Houston TX Case Study


A) Business case: White & Bule Sky Airport Houston TX.

As an IT Manager, you were tasked to improve the performance of the local White & Bule Sky Airport Passenger Processing system. This is to make the airport more efficient and more secure.

There are three databases in the Airport Passenger Processing IT system:

1-Passenger database will record and authenticate each passenger in the airport

2-Employee database will record and authenticate each employee in the airport

3-Flight database will record each flight in the airport

Answer the airport owners’ questions about this IT system:

QUESTION 1. At the airport, there is a risk of data storage disk failure (fire, smoke, or flood) which will also damage the disk backup in the Airport IT system data center. What can you do to reduce data storage disk failure?

QUESTION 2 It was decided to move Passenger Database to the cloud. How can you provide Security for the Passenger Database on the cloud?

Here you should address the questions

a) Security Devices that access the Passenger Database

b) Security of Passenger Data -at-rest

c) End user security. Where the user would be accessing the Passenger Database from the airport

QUESTION 3 Assume that Passenger Database is already moved on the cloud side. And the airport already has fast and reliable network connections. If the cloud service provider devices fail to operate, then the Passenger Database would be not reachable (Loss of Control). That will have a huge impact on Airport operations.

What would you do to Minimize Loss of Control, so the impact would be less?

B) Business Case: Blue Sky Airport

Blue Sky Airport is a small regional airport that serves a population of approximately 100,000 people. The airport has three databases: a passenger database, an employee database, and a flight database. The passenger database records and authenticates each passenger who passes through the airport, the employee database records and authenticates each employee who works at the airport, and the flight database records each flight that arrives or departs from the airport.

The airport’s IT system is currently on-premises. This means that the databases and database management systems are located at the airport. The airport is considering migrating its IT system to the cloud.

Benefits of Migrating to the Cloud

There are several benefits to migrating Blue Sky Airport’s IT system to the cloud. These benefits include:

  • Increased scalability: The cloud can be scaled up or down to meet the airport’s changing needs. This means that the airport will not have to invest in new hardware or software as its needs grow.
  • Improved performance: The cloud can provide better performance than an on-premises system. This is because the cloud has access to more powerful resources and can distribute traffic more efficiently.
  • Reduced costs: The cloud can help the airport to reduce its IT costs. This is because the airport will not have to purchase or maintain its own hardware or software.
  • Improved security: The cloud can provide better security than an on-premises system. This is because the cloud providers have a team of security experts who are constantly monitoring the system for threats.

Specific Privacy Requirements

The airport has specific privacy requirements that must be met by the cloud service provider(s). These requirements include:

  • The cloud service provider(s) must have security certifications ISO 27001, NIST CSF, and FedRAMP.
  • The cloud service provider(s) must meet the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).
  • The cloud service provider(s) must not sell or share the airport’s data with third parties without the airport’s consent.
  • The cloud service provider(s) must provide the airport with access to its data at all times.
  • The cloud service provider(s) must protect the airport’s data from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, alteration, or destruction.

Answer the airport owners’ questions about cloud migration.

Question 1: When choosing a cloud service provider, there are a number of system requirements that you should look for. What would be the System Requirements that you look for in the cloud service provider?

Question 2: You should protect the airport’s data before cloud migration. How would you protect your data before cloud migration?

Here, You should consider the company’s specific privacy requirements

Question 3: What are the Budget factors of the current data center before cloud migration? What would be the impact of the cloud migration on the budget in the long term?

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