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HU FAUs Owls Football Club Case Study

HU FAUs Owls Football Club Case Study


Your case study should be written in narrative format and address a problem or issue at your internship site. A problem is an obstacle to be overcome. An issue is an idea or activity about which there is debate. You must decide upon and/or develop a policy that will best address the problem or issue.

Examples of problems or issues include:

  • How to most effectively increase ticket sales
  • How to better utilize interns in the organization
  • Developing a more streamlined registration process for customers
  • How to best utilize social media for the organization
  • How to recruit more volunteers for an event


You will submit the topic for your case study in Module Four to the discussion topic. Your topic must receive instructor approval. Your case study is due in Module Seven.

Your case study should contain the following information, in the order listed:

  1. Strategic Perspective: Begin by identifying the problem or issue. Does something stand in the way of mutual interests in reaching a goal, or are there legitimate grounds for debate? Why did the problem or issue arise? Who is concerned? How critical is the situation?
  2. Problem Solving and Decision Making: What quantitative data is available? What is the applicability of the data to the problem or issue at hand? How appropriate is the data in terms of precision or estimation? Is there an adequate accumulation of other evidence to support the idea that there is a legitimate issue or that a real problem exists? There must be definite instances, not just generalizations. What is the balance in terms of the evidence? Considerable support from both sides indicates that there is a real issue. How valid and objective is the evidence? Bias and prejudice must be avoided. What is the thoroughness of reasoning? How important or controversial is a particular point?
  3. Innovative and Entrepreneurial Thinking: What are the possible solutions to the problems? What are the alternatives of action for resolving an issue? To evaluate action alternatives, consider such factors as feasibility, time involved, and the possible contribution in either solving the problem or resolving the issue.
  4. Conclusions and/or Recommendations: Your conclusions and/or recommendations must show a relationship to the analysis. Include details of development. What is the policy? The policy is essentially the action decision.

This is the topic:

The internship program provides a crucial opportunity for students to sharpen their skills and gain experience before entering the workforce. It allows learners to cultivate strong work ethics and develop relationships that are worthwhile in their relationships. However, juggling work and studies can be overwhelming sometimes. As an intern, I spend up to five hours filming and editing the footage of the practice of the Florida Atlantic University (FAU) football team. The film is essential to coaches as it provides valuable insights during the post-practice analysis.

Video analysis has become an integral part of modern sports due to its effectiveness in improving performance. The film provides footage for coaches to review and give feedback concerning individual performance and the team. Lee (2011) argues that video evaluation allows coaches to observe and analyze the outcomes of the practice, enabling them to make necessary changes. FAU understands the need to incorporate this approach into its practice strategy. I have a significant responsibility of assisting the director in filming the practice, editing the recording, and forwarding it to coaches for further analysis. Typically, the task takes about five hours a day. This can sometimes be strenuous as I try to balance work and study. Even so, my role in the team is fulfilling because I help the coaches identify areas of improvement by recording accurate and comprehensive film.

The approach to minimizing stress related to the job is learning to collaborate with the team during the entire process. Working as a team ensures that we capture detailed and insightful footage that will require minimal editing. This reduces the time spent on the job while delivering meaningful video analysis for the coaches. Collaboration also creates good working relationships with other members of the team.


Lee, M. (2011). The use of video feedback as a performance analysis coaching tool in amateur level ice hockey. HAAGA-HELIA, 

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