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History of Public Health Discussion

History of Public Health Discussion




Question 1

Target: Evaluate the history of public health and its current condition, issues, and challenges.

Review information references below (chapters are attached).

-Discuss the differences in historic development of the Public Health and Global Health (minimum 2). Offer reasoning as to why these differences exist, if any.

-Pick one leading national Public Health issue and one leading Global Health issue. Explain why they are same or different. (Hint: COVID-19, regardless of Pandemic status, it might not be ranked similarly nationally and in Global community in terms of a leading Public Health issues today.)

-Offer 1-2 public health efforts targeting each of the issues and explain the funding sources for each. How are they similar or different? Why?

Make sure to support your reasoning and conclusions with evidence from credible sources (no less than 2). Format citations and references in APA 7th Edition.


Caron, R. (2017). Population health: Principles and applications for management. Health Administration Press.

National Academies of Sciences, E. and M., Institute of Medicine, Board on Global Health, Forum on Microbial Threats, Eileen R. Choffnes, Megan R. Snair, & Alison Mack. (2016). Global Health Risk Framework : Governance for Global Health: Workshop Summary. National Academies Press.

Question 2

Offer an argument defending Global Diplomacy strategies (make sure to discuss minimum 2) in assuring Global Community participation addressing the matters in Switzerland.

Offer discussion of the communication tools used (minimum 2) used to develop appropriate messaging and communication to share the updates and outcomes with the relevant Global Governance agencies (make sure to identify the agency and reason for choosing it).

Make sure to support your reasoning and conclusions with evidence from credible sources (no less than 2 no more than 5). Format citations and references in APA 7th Edition.

References (Please find additional references)

Novotny, T.E., Kickbusch, I. & Michaela Told, M. (2013). 21st century global health diplomacy. World Scientific.

National Academies of Sciences, E. and M., Health and Medicine Division, Board on Population Health and Public Health Practice, Board on Health Sciences Policy, Committee on Evidence-Based Practices for Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response, Downey, A. L., Brown, L. & Calonge, N. (2020). Evidence-based practice for public health emergency preparedness and response. National Academies Press.

National Academies of Sciences, E. and M., Institute of Medicine, Board on Global Health, Forum on Microbial Threats, Choffnes, E.R., Snair, M.R. & Mack, A. (2016). Global health risk framework : Governance for global health: workshop summary. National Academies Press.

Question 3

Read and compare two articles (ATTACHED). Are there similarities in the conclusions? Are there differences? Why?

Article 1 – Macroeconomic policies and health in developing countries

Article 2- The Impact of Macroeconomic Policies on Healthcare Delivery in Kenya

While answering, consider the following:

-the country profile

-the type of study and tools used for data collection

-bias and any specific assumptions

-political environment and transparency

-importance of the issue to the public and government

The post should be developed in a comparative analysis( style. It should not be longer than 500 words plus references. Make sure to support your reasoning with evidence (no less than 2) formatted in APA 7th Edition.

References (Please find additional references)

Macroeconomic policies and health in developing countries (Attached)

The Impact of Macroeconomic Policies on Healthcare Delivery in Kenya (Attached)

Question 4

CDC Data Tracker:

Review the last week report (Interpretive Summary) ( After that find your state- MARYLAND (county-Prince George’s County) using

Provide an insight on the differences/similarities of the state data and the Interpretive summary for the week.

-Assess how it compares and explain why any indicators are moving in opposite direction (if any).

-Explain what public health and policy efforts are not working (not implemented) OR are working better than reported in the summary.

**If all indicators are moving in the same direction, pick 2 points and discuss what public health efforts and policies are contributing to such a movement (or need to be implemented to reverse it).

Make sure to stay politically neutral and concentrate on the public health efforts and policies recommended by the Governance organizations.

-Offer a diplomacy/communication initiative that could aid in implementation/enforcement of the public efforts directed to counteract COVID-19 transference and response.

Make sure to support your reasoning and conclusions with evidence from credible sources (no less than 2). Format citations and references in APA 7.

**Remember: the Mass Media articles are NOT credible evidence.

Reference (Please find additional references)

Gluckman, P., Beedle, A., Buklijas, T., Low, F. & Hanson, M. (2016). Principles of evolutionary medicine. (2nd ed.). OUP Oxford.

Question 5

Read Public Health Policy: Problems and Solutions ( from University of Nevada, Reno. Pay attention to the links below the article.

Pick any policy addressing public health issues in the USA (remember, it is not always a healthcare policy). Make sure to explain why you chose that specific policy to discuss.

Use Policy Translation Tools and Products ( to assess the chosen policy. Answer the Framing Questions (ATTACHED) relevant to the policy you chose. Considering that the policy you analyze is already implemented (or is planned for implementation), offer an insight on “Feasibility: Likelihood that the policy can be successfully adopted and implemented”. Make sure to read the text defining below the table to guide you in your answer.

Offer evidence supporting your insight on the Feasibility. If you cannot find the evidence, offer specific measures to collect data for and to assess this policy feasibility.

Question 6

You are a Public Health Community Outreach Coordinator at a local hospital. Use Community Health Assessment Toolkit ( to outline the community Maryland, Prince George’s County and public health issue you would address- Heart Disease and Stroke.

Read some of the examples at Guides/Tools/Case Studies(

Tip: Consider the community (pick a real hospital- University of Maryland Capital Region Medical Center) and a health issue- Stroke and Heart Disease to address in your Community Outreach Program Proposal Plan.

Compose an outline for the proposal. Make sure to consider who the proposal developer is, who is the target audience, the purpose of the proposal.

Write as much or as you feel is enough to outline/ask questions/comment on the main requirements.

Ask a question you would like your faculty and your peers to answer at the end of your notes.

Question 7

Read Approaching health inequity with straight forward action ( If you work for a healthcare organization, assess its approach to health equity following the framework. You can chose a local healthcare organization to research and assess instead. In your post, provide us

-with basics of the organization you chose (location, business type, level of care, population served…) in a very short paragraph.

-Offer us the assessment conclusions you arrived to and provide your reasoning for one that you found the most positive or the most negative.

-Offer examples supporting your conclusions or other evidence if available.

-Offer one strategy to negate the bias (make sure to define what that bias is for your organization) in building community connections.

-Explain why you think your strategy would work for the area/population and that organization.

Question 8

Target: Explain global aspects of public health, including the migration of disease, various health interventions, and the array of international organizations that promote public health.

Look through Listings of WHO’s response to COVID-19 (

-Explain why the WHO delayed the declaration of the novel coronavirus outbreak a PHEIC ( until January 30, 2020.

-Provide evaluation of the WHO activities relevant to COVID-19.

-Then, pick any country – a Member- and compare how its COVID-10 relevant activities are aligned the WHO recommendation. Is the chosen country successful in Pandemic response locally? Why yes/not?

-What is this country’s role in Global response to the Pandemic? Is it enough to assure the Globe shortens time to Pandemic resolution? Why yes/not?

**Make sure to remember the health equity and social justice principles when responding to this prompt. Consider the country’s efforts toward the Global health security and involvement in diplomacy to assure it. Try to support your conclusions with evidence. When commenting on any political matters contributing to the outcomes, keep a neutral position.

Make sure to support your reasoning and conclusions with evidence from credible sources (no less than 2). Format citations and references in APA 7.

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