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HCM 345 Healthcare Reimbursement and Departments Project

HCM 345 Healthcare Reimbursement and Departments Project


The final project for this course is the creation of a white paper. Much of what happens in healthcare is about understanding the expectations of the many departments and personnel within the organization. Reimbursement  drives the financial operations of healthcare organizations; each department affects the reimbursement process regarding timelines and the amount of money  put into and taken out of the system. However, if departments do not follow the guidelines put into place or do not capture the necessary information, it can be  detrimental to the reimbursement system. An important role for patient financial services (PFS) personnel is to monitor the reimbursement process, analyze the reimbursement process, and suggest changes  to help maximize the reimbursement. One way to make this process more efficient is by ensuring that the various departments and personnel are exposed to the  necessary knowledge. For your final project, you will assume the role of a supervisor within a PFS department and develop a white paper in which the necessary healthcare  reimbursement knowledge is outlined. The project is divided into two milestones, which will be submitted at various points throughout the course to scaffold learning and ensure quality final  submissions. These milestones will be submitted in Modules Three and Five. In this assignment, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following course outcomes: • HCM-345-01: Analyze the impacts of various healthcare departments and their interrelationships on the revenue cycle • HCM-345-02: Compare third-party payer policies through analysis of reimbursement guidelines for achieving timely and maximum reimbursements • HCM-345-03: Analyze organizational strategies for negotiating healthcare contracts with managed care organizations • HCM-345-04: Critique legal and ethical standards and policies in healthcare coding and billing for ensuring compliance with rules and regulations • HCM-345-05: Evaluate the use of reimbursement data for its purpose in case and utilization management and healthcare quality improvement as well  as its impact on pay for performance incentives 2 Prompt You are now a supervisor within the patient financial services (PFS) department of a healthcare system. It has been assigned to you to write a white paper.

You are now a supervisor within the patient financial services (PFS) department of a healthcare system. It has been assigned to you to write a white paper to educate other department managers about reimbursement. This includes how each specific department impacts reimbursement for services, which in turn  impacts the healthcare organization as a whole. The healthcare system may include hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities, and more. For now, your boss has  asked you to develop a draft of this paper for the healthcare personnel only; in the future, there may be the potential to expand this for other facilities. In order to complete the white paper, you will need to choose a hospital. You can choose one that you are familiar with or create an imaginary one. Hospitals  vary in size, location, and focus. Becker’s Hospital Review has an excellent list of things to know about the hospital industry. Once you have determined the  hospital, you will need to think about the way a patient visit works at the hospital you chose so you can review the processes and departments involved.  Conduct research through articles or get information from professional organizations. Below is an example of how to begin framing your analysis. A patient comes in through the emergency department. In this case, the patient would be triaged and seen in the emergency department. Think about what  happens in an emergency area. The patient could be asked to change into a hospital gown (think about the costs of the gown and other supplies provided). If the  patient is displaying signs of vomiting, plastic bags will be provided and possibly antinausea medication. Lab work and possibly x-rays would be done. The patient  could be sent to surgery, sent home, or admitted as an inpatient. If he or she is admitted as an inpatient, meals will be provided and more tests will be ordered by the physician—again, more costs and charges for the patient bill. Throughout the course, you will be gathering additional information through your readings  and supplemental materials to help you write your white paper. When drafting this white paper, bear in mind that portions of your audience may have no healthcare reimbursement experience, while others may have been  given only a brief overview of reimbursement. The goal of this guide is to provide your readers with a thorough understanding of the importance of their  departments and thus their impact on reimbursement. Be respectful of individual positions and give equal consideration to patient care and the business aspects  of healthcare. Consider written communication skills, visual aids, and the feasibility to translate this written guide into verbal training. Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed: 

I. Reimbursement and the Revenue Cycle 

A. Describe what reimbursement means to a healthcare organization. What would happen if services were provided to patients but no payments were  received for these services? 

B. Illustrate the flow of the patient through the cycle from the initial point of contact through the care and ending at the point where the  payment is collected. Also identify the departments in order of importance to the revenue cycle. 3 

II. Departmental Impact on Reimbursement 

A. Many different departments utilize reimbursement data in a healthcare organization. It is crucial the healthcare organization monitors this data.What impact could the healthcare organization face if this data were not monitored? Describe why collecting data is required for pay-forperformance incentives.

B. Describe the activities within each department for how they may impact reimbursement. What specific data would you review in the reimbursement  area to know whether changes were necessary? 

C. Identify the responsible department for ensuring compliance with billing and coding policies. How does this affect the department’s impact on  reimbursement in a healthcare organization?

III. Billing and Reimbursement 

A. Analyze how third-party policies would be used when developing billing guidelines for patient financial services (PFS) personnel and  administration when determining the payer mix for maximum reimbursement. How do third-party policies impact the payer mix for  maximum reimbursement? 

B. Organize the key areas of review in order of importance for timeliness and maximization of reimbursement from third-party payers. Explain your  rationale on the order.

C. Describe a way to structure your follow-up staff in terms of effectiveness. How can you ensure that this structure will be effective?

D. Develop a plan for periodic review of procedures to ensure compliance. Include explicit steps for this plan and the feasibility of enacting this plan  within this organization.

IV. Marketing and Reimbursement

A. Explain how new managed care contracts impact reimbursement for the healthcare organization. Support your explanation with concrete evidence  or research.

B. Discuss the resources needed to ensure billing and coding compliance with regulations. 

C. Evaluate strategies to ensure stakeholders involved in the reimbursement process adhere to ethical standards. Milestones Milestone One: Draft of Reimbursement and the Revenue Cycle In Module Three, you will submit a draft of Sections I and II of the final project (Reimbursement and the Revenue Cycle, and Departmental Impact on  Reimbursement). This milestone will be graded with the Milestone One Rubric.

Milestone Two: Draft of Billing, Marketing, and Reimbursement In Module Five, you will submit a draft of Sections III and IV of the final project (Billing and Reimbursement, and Marketing and Reimbursement). This milestone  will be graded with the Milestone Two Rubric. 

Final Project Submission: White Paper  In Module Seven, you will submit your entire white paper. It should be a complete, polished artifact containing all of the critical elements of the final product. Guidelines for Submission:

This white paper should include a table of contents and sections that can be easily separated for each department area.

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