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HCAD 630 UMGC Public Health Critical Analysis Report

HCAD 630 UMGC Public Health Critical Analysis Report


Country- Switzerland

Using resources from the WHO (, OECD ( and IHME (, CDC ( research that country profile.

  1. Population and type of political, state, and religious definitions. For example, According to BBC data on the country profiles as of December 2019- Algeria: population 41 million; People’s Democratic Republic; major Languages- Arabic, French, Berber; major Religion-Islam; life expectancy- 75 years (men), 77 years (women); currency- dinar
  2. Territory (2-3 main characteristics that might influence Public Health) For example, mountains cover 2/3 of the territory- access to health care challenges due to poor public transportation/roads infrastructure; the danger of natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes in blocking/destroying access roads.
  3. Climate (2-3 main characteristics that might influence Public Health)
  4. Demographics (changes influencing Public Health)
  5. Education level (influence on Public Health)
  6. Economic status, GPD in USD (2-3 main characteristics that may influence public Health)
  7. Health care spendings and sources of funding in general and Public Health specifically
  8. Effectiveness of essential health care services provision (understand what essential HC services are and their relationship with Public Health)
  9. Top 5 reasons for death (think about the connection to Public Health and healthcare system)
  10. Top 5 reasons for disability (think about the connection to Public Health and healthcare system)

**It is recommended that the students compile the research information using EXCEL or another tool allowing visual representation options.

DELIVERABLE: Write a critical analysis report on the country’s public health (critical analysis) highlighting:

a) A title page

b) Introduction/background.

c) State the purpose/objectives/Problem

d) Analysis: explain the context of the work :

-Provide analysis of the 3-5 researched country characteristics, relationship to the public health issues, and their influence on the Public Health effort level (local or international).

-Identify and document both positive and negative points/factors in terms of the Public Health effort outcomes directed at the discussed issues. Explain why you think so (comparative analysis).

Analyze how health care funding and health care system performance affect the success of Public Health efforts. Are there other funding sources that could be used to negate the discussed Public Health issues? Offer examples.

Analysis: Discuss differences in top death and disability reasons and explain how Public Health programs and other funding contribute to combating them. Are the death and disability reasons interdependent with the county characteristics you chose to analyze?

Analysis: Discuss which data sources belong to the national (the country’s) or Global Governance structure and why it is important in terms of the country profile.

e) Conclusion/Summary: Write a conclusion about which source should be trusted the most and explain why. Conclude your critical analysis by restating your thesis, and making suggestions (assessment) on the possible improvement of ideas, research, and appeals.

g) Add Reference page.

Please note: Use personally developed tables and bullet points, visual data representation (personally prepared in Excel, for example) to deliver your conclusions and demonstrate points. If you use data from other resources, cite appropriately.

-Make sure to provide supportive evidence and data sources appropriately formatted in APA 7th Edition.

-Use 6 or more credible sources (including the data sources) to support your conclusions.

-There is no restriction on the number of pages, but try not to exceed 8 pages plus the title, and reference pages.


Chapter Chapter 3 (pages 71 -115) and Chapter 8 (pages 205-250)—– National Academies of Sciences, E. and M., Health and Medicine Division, Board on Population Health and Public Health Practice, Board on Health Sciences Policy, Committee on Evidence-Based Practices for Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response, Downey, A. L., Brown, L. & Calonge, N. (2020). Evidence-based practice for public health emergency preparedness and response. National Academies Press.

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