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HACC Network Topology Discussion

HACC Network Topology Discussion


Please respond to each post with 150 words each

Post 1 Hello Class,

This week we are talking about Network Topology The configuration, or topology, of a network is crucial in determining its performance. Network topology is how a network is arranged, including the physical or logical description of how links and nodes are set up to relate to each other. Contributor, S. (2022). Many things need to be considered when choosing a network layout. Network topography can be point-to-point, Bus, ring, star, tree mesh, and a combination which would be a hybrid. This week talking about cabling we have explored many factors of the UTP or Cat 1-8 cables. UTP cables can be wired straight or as a crossover. When running straight the switch will transfer data and send it to where it needs to go whereas a crossover cable is used when connecting devices to one another. Other devices that may be used are routers fiber-optic as well as wireless networks. The main tool used in troubleshooting is a cable tester This often has a connection for each end of the cable that will pass current through and test if there is an open or break in the line. This will also determine if the cable was made correctly. Having the appropriate crimping tool on hand is a good idea for making in-field repairs. Knowing the layout of a network and the devices used would determine the tools needed. Having crimping tools for coax and fiberoptics polishing may be needed. Having a working laptop to map the network is often very handy.

post 2 This week, we looked into chapter 6, which focused on networking fundamentals.

The term “network topology” refers to the schematic arrangement, be it physical or logical of the links and nodes within that network (Gartner n.d.). Within network topology are six types, which are Bus, Ring, Tree, Star, Mesh, and Hybrid. The bus topology is where all workstations are connected though a single “backbone” cable. Similarly, the ring topology is like the bus, but the ends of the connection are connected, therefore essentially making a ring. The star topology is generally the picture most have in their heads when they are talking about a network, as it as a central hub which supplies the workstations through each station’s own cable. The tree topology is a hybrid between the bus and star topology. The mesh topology is where each computer is connected to each other through different connections. The hybrid topology is where the workstations are set up using a combination of the aforementioned topology (JavaPoint n.d.).

There are multiple different hardware devices used within a network. These devices allow for communication from the different computers on the network to communicate with each other. These devices are repeaters, hubs, bridges, switches, routers, gateway, and a network interface card just to name a few.  

The different cables and connectors seen in a network are coaxial cable, twisted pair cables and fiber optic cables are all commonly seen on a network. The connections used are the Registered Jack 45 (RJ45), Bayonet Nut Connectors with other fiber optic cable connections, which are dependent on what they will be used for.

The different types of basic network troubleshooting are pinging, ipconfig, route, pathping/mtr and others (ManageEngine n.d.).

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