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FSU Chest Pain Assessment and Management Discussion Reply

FSU Chest Pain Assessment and Management Discussion Reply


Please respond to discussion:

What additional information should you obtain about the pain the patient is experiencing?

         The patient’s pain history, especially whether it is squeezing or burning, is further information that I would like to know about the pain the patient is feeling. In order to diagnose the problem and determine the most effective course of treatment, the pain history is crucial. The patient’s pain history is essential for determining the best course of treatment and for tracking the progression of the patient’s infection. The location of the pain around the chest, whether it is below or behind the sternum or if it is internal to the chest, is the next piece of information. I would also like further details on the degree of the pain as well as what the patient often does prior to the onset of pain episodes. The patient’s cognitive progress toward comprehending the pain is the next crucial piece of information (Hayek et al., 2017).

What additional physical assessment needs to be performed with this patient?

         In order to ensure improved functioning of other body components, the patient’s head and neck must undergo additional physical examinations. The patient’s height must be noted, along with the heart rate pattern, any occurrences of aberrant heart sounds, and the breathing rate. The patient’s waist measurement is the next physical examination. It is also crucial to compare and consider the blood pressure in both hands. A pulmonary assessment is essential to identify any symptoms of a peripheral artery disease, such as a varicose vein.

What considerations are important to remember if the patient’s CRP level is elevated?

         When the patient’s CRP level is greater, it is crucial to evaluate any significant injuries, infections, and chronic illnesses. The CRP level improves the patient’s prognostic value for progression from stable angina to unstable angina or more serious myocardial violations. Chest pains known as angina are brought on by a decrease in blood supply to the heart muscles. Through increased physical activity, weight loss, and a heart-healthy diet, the patient should lower the CRP levels to lower the chance of chronic infections linked to chest symptoms (Hoorweg et al., 2021).

What differential diagnoses should be considered for the patient?

         Myocardial infarction (MI) is a possibility if you have a history of hyperlipidemia and left-sided chest discomfort that radiates to your arm. Stress is a differential diagnosis for anxiety because the patient has a history of pressure and is also concerned about his wife’s health. Unstable angina, stable angina, acute pericarditis, aortic dissection, anxiety, asthma, myocardial infarction, and other conditions are among the differential diagnoses that should be considered for the patient.

What patient teaching will be incorporated into the visit to modify the patient’s risk factors?

         A healthy diet and maintaining a healthy weight are two of the patient teachings that will be included. More instruction emphasizes the need of engaging in physical activity. To lower the patient’s degree of worry, the instruction will place an emphasis on changing the patient’s weight and lifestyle. Although the patient does not consume alcohol or smoke, adhering to a healthy diet is essential to fostering the patient’s infection’s beneficial progression. The other focuses on the value of breaks. The patient should think about taking a nap in order to improve their health because napping is a crucial component of the medication process.

How will you respond to the patient’s statement that he does not have time to “be sick” and needs to take care of everything during this visit?

         My response is based on the patient’s assertion that he needs to take care of everything during their visit and doesn’t have time to be ill. I will reassure the patient that I share his worries by demonstrating my understanding before I enquire about the condition’s hazards. I will also reassure him that he can get better if he properly adheres to the doctor’s advice. I’ll also tell the patient to be patient because recovery takes time. Despite this, the patient claims that he has no time to be ill since he supports the family financially and that he must take care of himself in order to care for his family or other loved ones properly. Again, rest is essential for the pharmaceutical process; as a result, the patient should think about taking a nap to improve his and his family’s health.

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