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Final Project Ideas for Quality Improvement Discussion

Final Project Ideas for Quality Improvement Discussion


share your thoughts on possible ideas for your final project. To do so, you may review the list of project ideas provided in the Milestone One Guidelines and Rubric  document before posting. hare some of your initial ideas for your final project with the class.As you develop this first part of the assignment, include the following details:

  1. What Is the Organizational Problem?
    1. Provide details about the organizational problem. How does this problem fail to meet quality or other regulatory requirements?
    2. State organizational challenges posed by the problem (e.g., interdepartmental conflicts, communication failure, budgeting issues).
  2. Evidence-Based Support
    1. Provide data that supports the existence of the problem. You may use public sources to find data related to your problem. Be sure to de-identify any patient data if you are using your organization’s problem.
    2. How has this problem been addressed in the past? What information management systems or patient care technologies have been used when addressing this problem? Be sure to use peer-reviewed literature to support your answer.
    3. Discuss relevant accreditation standards, safety standards, compliance standards, and quality initiatives. How do these standards promote a culture of safety within the department? Be sure to cite the appropriate standards within your answer.

Quality and Performance Improvement Ideas for Final Project

  • Clinical documentation
  • Coding compliance
  • Coding productivity
  • Coding quality
  • Data collection or capture
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance procedures (examples: physical safeguards, release of information)
  • Hospital-acquired infection rates
  • Medical errors
  • Order entry and charting
  • Patient identity management
  • Patient safety (example: fall prevention)
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Physician query process
  • Readmission rates
  • Reducing accounts receivable (A/R) days
  • Return to surgery rates
  • Telehealth services and privacy considerations
  • Wait times (examples: emergency department, clinic, urgent care)
  • Workflow improvement for any health information management (HIM) function

Response 1:

My name is Nicole and I live in Dallas, Texas. I have lived in Texas my whole life, but I have visited 18 different states, and my goal is to visit all 50 states. I am going to school to get my bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration. I am very excited because I finish in December, and I can’t wait to start my career in healthcare. My goal after I graduate is to get a job in a hospital and start making an impact on patinet’s lives. I currently work for Sam’s Club in the optical department and my role is the optical manager. I am excited to take what I learn in this class and use it for my career.

For my final project, I have selected medical errors. It’s hard to think that errors are still made in the healthcare field when we have modern technology and policies to assist. It still happens though, and I want to write about that for my final project. Reducing medical errors will ensure overall safety of the patient, protect healthcare workers and improve the quality of care that healthcare providers can provide. 

sarah:Good morning. My name is Sarah and I live in the beautiful state of Utah. I have worked many jobs with many companies as I just changed positions to what would best meet the needs of my family. I have managed a restaurant, was a dietary supervisor in long-term care, worked with 5th grade special needs students and many positions of customer service. My spouse and daughter are nurses. My major is Healthcare Administration. I am not sure where I will work when I complete my education but likely with a special needs’ facility. I am looking forward to learning about quality management in healthcare settings. When conducting orientations, I always say my motivation for getting to work is so I can go on vacation.
For my final project I plan on discussing patient safety. It is amazing to see how many things are improved after an accident, no matter how much forethought was given. One of my favorite improvements in patient safety is the slipper socks in the hospital. First there was just a sock, then one side of grippy, then two sides. The jury is out if the grips help but changes were being made to reduce falls. Besides the obvious benefit of healthier patient stays, addressing patient safety saves money, improves staff satisfaction, and quality health outcomes. 

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