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ENGL 101 Experimenting with Al Essay

ENGL 101 Experimenting with Al Essay


AI chat bots and text generators are a new, exciting, and controversial part of our digital world and academic life. In order to model how to best use them and guide you towards good practices and away from bad ones, we’re going to experiment with them this semester. For this assignment, you’re going to use a chat bot to generate the the context paragraph for your first essay, review and revise it, and then reflect on this process.


Step 1

First, log in to the AI text generator of your choice. Two common ones are:

Google’s BardLinks to an external site., which you may already have access to if you have a Google account

ChatGPTLinks to an external site., the famous one you may have heard of already. The free version does require a log in and uses a text for account verification

  • If you use another text generator, that is okay, but please name it in your assignment so I can check up on it.

Step 2

For this assignment, you must first use your chosen AI text generator to generate a paragraph explaining the context of your commercial. That request can look something like:

Please write me a paragraph explaining what kind of game Super Smash Brothers Ultimate is, how it is played, who it appeals to, and why.


Please write me a paragraph explaining in brief the history of CoverGirl and how they like to advertise. 

  • Step 3

Once you have your AI generated paragraph, you must then verify that its information is correct. At this point in the semester, information you gain with a general google search is adequate. Use the internet to research and doublecheck the information your AI has provided you.

Step 4

Rewrite this paragraph in a way that corrects any mistakes and reworks it in your own voice. 

Step 5

Copy and paste the original, AI generate text and your modified text into the same word document.

Step 6  

In that same document, using proper MLA format, write a 1 page long reflection that addresses each of the following points:

How well did you AI do in this task?

How much did you have to change and why?

  • Based on this experience, what do you think AI will do well and where do you think it will struggle?

How else might you use AI in this class in a way that doesn’t violate our policy.


As long as you rewrite the paragraph your AI generates and make an effort to put it into your own voice and style, you may include it in your draft if you chose. You can also include it in the final draft unless I instruct you not to in my feedback.

  • Example

I gave Chat GPT the following prompt:

Please write me a draft of a paragraph explaining Super Smash Brothers to people that don’t know what it is. Focus on what kind of game it is, how it is played, and who it appeals to.

It gave me the following response:

Super Smash Bros. is a dynamic and exhilarating video game that brings together iconic characters from various franchises in a lively and competitive brawl. At its core, Super Smash Bros. is a crossover fighting game that offers a distinct departure from traditional fighting titles. Players engage in fast-paced battles where the objective is not solely to deplete an opponent’s health bar, but rather to knock them off the stage. The more damage an opponent accumulates, the farther they are launched upon impact, increasing the likelihood of being “KO’d” and losing a stock. This unique gameplay mechanic encourages a blend of strategy, precision, and chaos, making each match an engaging and unpredictable experience. Super Smash Bros. appeals to a wide range of players, from casual gamers drawn to the colorful characters and chaotic action, to competitive enthusiasts who relish the intricate mechanics, advanced techniques, and strategic depth the game offers. The game’s inclusive nature, where newcomers and veterans can enjoy side by side, makes it a perfect choice for gatherings and tournaments, fostering a vibrant and passionate community of players.

Here is my initial rewrite:

Super Smash Brothers Ultimate is an exciting video game that brings together famous characters from Nintendo games and many other franchises for a competitive brawl. Smash is a fighting game that works differently from many other fighting titles. Players fight one another in face-paced battles with the aim of building up damage on their opponents. The more damage they have, the more likely they are to be knocked off the screen and into a KO zone, losing them points and earning points for their killer. The game appeals to a wide range of players by offering a lot of different fighting styles, game modes, and techniques. Nearly any player can find a character they like or game mode they enjoy. Players have fostered a competitive and passionate community for decades, including organizing their own high-level tournaments. Whenever a new Smash game comes around, it is almost always goes over well with its fandom. 

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