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EIU Classful Subnetting for Small Business Exercise

EIU Classful Subnetting for Small Business Exercise


Question :

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you are familiar with variable subnetting (called VLSM … variable length subnet masks), we will NOT be using it here, as it is beyond the scope of our introductory look at subnetting.  We’re keeping it simple, using FLSM (fixed length subnet masks), so don’t overcomplicate this assignment.  Accordingly, each of the following scenarios should have a single subnet mask that applies to all of the networks.  In other words, in each scenario there will be a single subnet mask that will work as a solution for the problem and apply to all of the departments listed.  Do not create a different mask for each department.

We will not get into VLSM in this class, but will stick with straight subnetting.  In VLSM, you can subnet subnets.  For example, if I have 4 subnets of 64 addresses each, I can subnet one of those subnets into 4 additional subnets of 16 each, giving me 7 total subnets (3 with 64 hosts and 4 with 16 hosts).  But there are complexities that are beyond the scope of this course, so we’re just using simple subnetting here.  If you are interested in VLSM, you can get more details here.

1.  You have a small business that is divided into 3 departments:  Accounting, Sales, and Administration.  These departments have the following number of devices (computers, printers, etc.):  Accounting-31, Sales-28, and Administration-13.  Using a class C private network, subnet the network so that each department will have their own subnet.  You must show/explain how you arrived at your conclusion and also show the following:  All available device addresses for each department, the broadcast address for each department, and the network address for each department.  Also, determine how many “wasted” (not usable) addresses resulted from your subnetting (enumerate them).

2.  After two years, business has boomed.  Accounting now has 37 computers, Sales 35, and Administration 24.  In addition, you have added a Shipping department and a Production department.  Shipping has 13 computers and Production has 21.  Using a class B private network, rework the subnetting for the business with the same information (deliverables) as in problem 1.

3.  Finally, your company is purchased and merged with a larger company.  The new company has the following needs:  Main office-1211 computers, Muncie branch office-917 computers, Indianapolis plant-2014 computers, and the Mt. Vernon distribution center 945 computers.  Using a Class A private network, subnet so that each site has its own network to handle its current computer requirements plus a 20% cushion for future growth and provide the same information (deliverables) as in problems 1 and 2.

NOTE:  We will assume, for the purposes of this assignment, that you are using all Cisco equipment and that all equipment has been configured with the ip subnet zero Cisco IOS command.  Accordingly, you may use subnet zero and also the all-ones subnet.

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