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DU Health & Medical Health Care in the United States Discussion

DU Health & Medical Health Care in the United States Discussion


discussion post in the “Market Justice versus Social Justice” 

Briefly describe the concepts of market justice and social justice.  In what way do the two principles complement eah other and in what way to they conflict in the U.S. system of health care delivery?

you will need to respond to at least twoof your peer’s weekly discussion responses per essay 

this is the first response by Emily Smolen

The U.S. healthcare system is a complex interplay of two fundamental principles: market justice and social justice. The market justice system highlights the importance of the free market in healthcare, where individuals bear the responsibility for their healthcare costs. While the social justice system advocates for equitable access to healthcare as a basic right.

Commentary aspects of both market justice and social justice consists of efficiency and innovation. Efficiency and innovation in the market justice system operates under market-driven principle that embodies a strong emphasis on private health insurance, consumer choice, and fostering competition among healthcare providers (Shi & Singh, 2019, p. 32). This competitive environment encourages healthcare institutions to develop advancive treatments and technologies. In the social justice, the U.S. healthcare includes elements aimed at ensuring equitable access of care to all citizens. Public programs like Medicare and Medicaid integrated these advancements, making them accessible to a wider range of individuals in vulnerable populations, thus reducing disparities in access to healthcare (Tulane University, 2020).

Conflicting aspects of both market justice and social justice in the U.S. system of healthcare delivery is the disparity to access to care. Access disparities in market justice can conflict with social justice when it results in unequal access to healthcare based on financial means (Shi & Singh, 2019, p. 33). Individuals who make a low-income and those faced with a pre-existing condition may face disparities in healthcare. The social justice argues that market-driven healthcare can sustain disparities as it affects the individual’s ability to pay, leading to unequal health outcomes (Shi & Singh, 2019, p. 35).

The market justice and social justice systems are two contrasting principles that often shape the healthcare system through their complementary and conflicting aspects in the U.S. healthcare system. Both systems complement each other when market competition drives innovation, and social justice ensures access to all. However, conflicts arise when market-driven healthcare falls in disparities or excessive regulations affects efficiency. Challenges that lay in achieving a balance between these two principles. The creation of healthcare policies that considers both market and social justice is essential. To strive for a healthcare system that is accessible for all Americans requires thoughtful, evident-based solutions that intergrade the relationship between market justice and social justice. 

this is the second response : Malcol

Healthcare delivery is propaganda and a business duel within the system. With the market, justice is portrayed as you can pay for the quality of care that you receive. Your economic status determines what care you receive and what locations and physicians you are seen by. As Shi & Singh (2022) stated “People are entitled to purchase a share of available goods and services of interest. They must purchase these goods and services with financial resources acquired through their own legitimate efforts” (p. 38). Having to give your “own legitimate efforts” to receive the best of the best health care is a business transaction to the fullest with how services and products are distributed in a free market. When the government market justice is responsible and works together with allocating resources even when the distribution is uneven it doesn’t affect the greater society. Social justice is just propaganda in a sense due to the fact that, yes individuals with lower economic status or uninsured people get health care. But they dont say that this health care has its regions and sections where some people can’t even obtain that. As stated clearly by Shi & Singh (2022) “In a social justice–based system, no country can afford to provide unlimited amounts of health care to all citizens” (p. 76). This statement further proves my point that yes the less fortunate are assisted but not everyone is able to receive help. How it is portrayed that everyone with a lower income is given the government’s help is a flawed sense of protection to the communities that dont have the benefit to receive that. The two principles tend to complement each other when it comes to the private and government coming together to give government insurance programs access to private practitioners and private institutions. The major conflict that comes with both justices is when it comes to the vast cities and smaller towns that aren’t able to receive any type of help. With further confirmation “A key difference in market justice versus social justice is that market justice focuses on the individual rather than the collective population when determining who is responsible for health. It adheres to private solutions rather than government solutions to health problems” (Business Bliss Consultants FZE November 2018). 

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