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CUNY Youth and Social Justice Discussion Replies

CUNY Youth and Social Justice Discussion Replies


2  SEPERATES DISCUSSION BOARD WITH 150 WORDS RESPONSE :     “In this chapter I learned a lot of new things. First of in one of my other classes I learned where the word sheriff came from shire and reeve. A shire is a county and a reeve is a person who runs the town. I like how it broke it down in the book. The English bridewell influenced early juvenile institutions in the United States. The juvenile center focused mainly on rehabilitating the youth instead of punishing them. They believed that the youth learned to be criminals and commit crime to survive. The legislatures and others believed that teaching them life skills would help them become contributing members of society. These children were committing crime mostly because their parents were working and had no one to watch them. Something interesting that I learned that I never knew was that all states had a juvenile court system by the end of World War II. The UCR (Uniform crime report) only reports arrest and only the serious ones. Something that is going to be very helpful for me and I can use in my other classes is the national juvenile court data archive. according to the book is one of the best data that is specially about juveniles. According to the text there’s also a lot of crimes committed by children that have not been reported. According to Austin L. on the textbook he explains how he investigated hidden delinquency he did an anonymous survey asking students if they commitment any cerim when they were young. His finding was that delinquency was widespread and not specific to any social class. Also, homicide is rare in young people but it’s committed its mostly gang related. In addition, gang violence in youth is concentrated in the urban areas. Youth who kill in the other hand are the ones who have been physically or sexually abused. Violence by juveniles increased in the 1980s in my opinion I think it was because crack was popular back in the 1980s. In the text book domestic violence and abusive family enviorent seem to trigger the young people to become chronic and persistent offenders. According to the book female delinquents commit less serious offences. They are associated wutg runaway behavior, curfew violations, larceny-theft and drug abuse. Also, they commit crimes because either they were sexually or physically abused. Also abuse and family conflict makes the female runaway from home and increases the risk factor for delinquency.”  

“Chapter 2 addresses a range of topics, as  In the 1990s, the growing prevalence of adolescent violent crime sparked public outrage, resulting in harsher regulations for young offenders. In 1994, the rate of arrest for violent crime index violations per 100,000 kids aged 10 to 17 was 497, compared to 295 in 1980. In the book, it shows a chart and it says Juvenile arrest trends for violent crime, The chart shows how in 1993 and 1986 it stayed at a study level and in 1989 and 1992 it Skyrocket and in 1993 it reached its highest it’s been since the early 1980s. My question is what happened were kids following other people on what they were doing? And then from 1995 till 2010 it was slowly decreasing what did we in the community do differently? When juveniles get into trouble, I believe that people should conduct a background check on them to determine what the problem is. Some juveniles are abandoned by their families, and some are mistreated at home, being sexually abused, abused, mentally abused, and so on. They deserve treatment, not just being locked up and the cycle to continue. In the article, I also find it very interesting on how they did a survey on juveniles, delinquents, and non-delinquents who were asked to self-report their early upbringing, including their perceived connection with their parents and the disciplinary measures employed to punish wrongdoing. In addition, it states that Self-reports have revealed that some kids who are violent as adults had histories of abuse from family members in a more broad review of early childhood experiences involving adolescent maltreatment and its connection with delinquency. Self-reports of crime and delinquency are an important source of data for academics. The utilization of self-report data benefits research projects with exploratory, descriptive, and/or experimental study aims. This is a very important issue when a juvenile is being mistreated they are more likely to commit a crime. When it comes to treatment they need to talk to someone and make sure they getting the treatment that they need. I also find very Interesting that school violence has gotten considerable attention in recent years in the United States, and it is a concern in other nations as well. It has gotten more attention because now we have Social media and people all over the world use social media and know what’s going on around the world”

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